OmniaVerse Discusses The Utility Of Their Crypto Powered Art In The Metaverse

The term ‘the metaverse’ is inherently vague, since no one can really understand exactly what it will be composed of. Currently, the term is not used to describe any particular technology type, instead, describes the comprehensive shift in the ways in which we interact with technology that is predicted to take place in the near future.

This shift is expected to be as momentous as the introduction of the internet, so much so that the metaverse was recently nominated as one of the top five emerging technologies of 2022 by Gartner. An increasing number of companies are moving into this industry as it continues to grow. One of these companies is OmniaVerse, whose token raised a staggering $150,000 (currently sitting at a Market Cap of $1.5million within the first two weeks of the project launch) in capital during the first 24 hours of the presale.

What Is The Metaverse?

Whilst it is difficult to completely pin down the concept of ‘the metaverse’, there are a few general technologies that can be seen as making up at least a significant part of it. One of these technologies could include virtual reality, which is the term used to refer to perennial digital worlds that carry on existing even after players turn off the game.

Another technology that is expected to make up a huge part of the metaverse is augmented reality, which combines the realms of both the digital and physical worlds. However, it doesn’t require that those spaces be exclusively accessed via VR or AR. A virtual world might be able to be accessed through computers, consoles, and perhaps even phones.

What Does OmniaVerse Hope To Add?

Utility Token

OmniaVerse is a brand new project in the cryptocurrency and metaverse space that has over a decade in developer experience years. This is the first token to be released on the Bitrise Blockchain; a crypto engineering organization responsible for building the fastest blockchain (it has a speed of 100,000 transactions per second) with nearly no transaction costs.

Furthermore, the OmniaVerse project is the first to be featured on this blockchain’s ‘Startup Studio’ program. Additionally, this token project far exceeded its $1 million market cap within a mere two days of launch on The Sphynx DEX.


The goal of this project is to build a multiverse platform which anyone can utilize to become an artist capable of monetizing their artwork. Through the community-driven aspect of this token, OmniaVerse aims to become a moonshot mission through its ability to maintain sufficient liquidity by itself.

Furthermore, through the use of strategic and intelligent marketing, the experience of the development team and the time locked wallet features, OmniaVerse is ensured of this token’s exposure to the world.

At first, the company aims to establish a strong community to join them in their endeavor to uplift OmniaVerse to new heights as the scrutiny this will bring to the product will ultimately allow it to provide a better service as well as a more sustainable business model.

As time passes, the goals will shift towards expanding the token’s portal implementations. The company hopes to do this by migrating OmniaVerse to a number of other networks. In order to lay the foundations for this goal now, the company has also allocated a large amount of tokens so that the community can be adequately incentivized and rewarded.


Easy Entry to Crypto

One of the key attractions of OmniaVerse is that it allows gamers of all ages an easy entry in the crypto space by incentivizing them for gaming without changing the underlying experience. 

Incentivization for Gaming

The first 1000 subscriptions on OmniaVerse incentivizes users with 10000 OMNIA’s just to link their gaming accounts with their Dapp. Once the gamers have an access to the Dapp, listing and transacting their subscriptions is easy and gives them an omnichannel to monetize their creations.

Staking & Rewards

For investors looking to make a healthy profit, a flexible Staking platform would allow them to hold their tokens in a smart contract that yields rewards based on the time and multiples every quarter all the way quadrupling the rewards.

Delivery based Payments

In addition to this, a proportion of the marketing and development budget will be deposited in a time locked wallet – only to be released when the development/marketing strategy or budget progresses from one phase to the next in the company’s multiple phase plan.

Closing Remarks

On balance, Omniverse presents an opportunity to provide a very real benefit to the metaverse as we move forward and begin to realize exactly what that concept entails. 

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