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Omni-channel Payment Processing Gateway

Omni-channel Payment Processing Gateway

In-person POS transactions, internet sales, contact center transactions, and all other fund transfers are combined with an omni-channel payment system.

With omni-channel processing, a single stream of payment information is sent, making it possible for you to monitor your sales and track your customers’ buying habits wherever they go to make their purchases.

The desire to have everything in one spot is understandable, but undoable without an omni-channel payment solution. Not only will you benefit from integrating with an omni-channel payment processing system, but so will your customers.

To the Rescue: Omni-Channel Processing

In addition to satisfying your clients’ needs, an omni-channel payment processing system enables you to collect useful sales and customer data, without the need for third party applications. The following are four specific advantages of switching to an omni-channel payment processing platform:

  • A single solution can collect purchases at the terminal, through tablets and smartphones, online, and through your customer service center. To provide a consistent user experience, all transactions are routed via the same payment gateway.
  • Since all payments and customer information are already in one place, there is no need for complicated cross-channel reconciliation. Omni-channel payment solutions are the only way to ensure that every transaction is integrated from the start, which will help your business at every level.
  • Omni-channel processing provides the most satisfactory experience for your consumers since your sales force can now better understand your clients and their habits. Even if they have only bought online or over the phone in the past. Omni-channel payments provide a better understanding of customers and how they spend.
  • A decrease in the number of suppliers your business relies on. By opting to use one contemporary and reliable payment processing provider instead of multiple “old-fashioned” ones, you’re making the right choice for your business. A single team of professionals is responsible for all assistance.

All transactions may be handled by a single system, which helps streamline operations, promotes data quality, and provides a better customer experience. Because why not?

Not All Payment Processors Can Grow With You

Because not all payment processors can provide an omnichannel experience, you won’t be able to follow them into the future. When it comes to making smart decisions about payment processing for your business, PayVisors is a business consulting firm that can assist.

The UniPay payment gateway from United Thinkers is an excellent option in many circumstances. For businesses of all sizes, this commercial open-source software provides an omni-channel payment platform that has been proven time and time again.

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