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Omar Yunes’ Leadership Leads to the Expansion of 54D

Omar Yunes’ Leadership Leads to the Expansion of 54D

As CEO of 54D, Omar Yunes understands the importance of fitness, as well as the importance of leadership. The company focuses on providing athlete-level training in a 54-day “boot camp” style, where participants have 54 days to make gains or get kicked out of the program. Some people leave or are kicked out after just a few days. Most are committed to the workout at a high level, and they go through the entire program and see big results.

Soccer player Rodrigo Garduño founded the company and has taken his job of running it very seriously. Through his work leading other companies in the past, he knows that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication to a task. He expects that of himself and his employees, just as the fitness trainers expect it of people who join the 54D program. The company opened its first studio in Miami in 2019. During the lockdown, 54D also launched an online program for people across the world.

The Value of Dedicated Effort

Omar Yunes says that just like the people who commit to the 54D program, he understand the need to focus on something important. With focus, anything can become a habit. Since habit-building generally takes six to eight weeks, the 54D program instills habits. Yunes works behind the scenes, cultivating his own habits for success. Nutrition, exercise, and recovery are all part of the 54D program.

Since 2000, Yunes has been developing and growing businesses in the US and Latin America. He has been the CEO of 54D since 2017. During that time, he has worked closely with Garduño and others to build the company into a powerhouse in the fitness industry. While the lockdowns were in place, classes were held remotely. That led to the development of the app-based offering, for those who weren’t close to a studio.

For others, though, being in the studio, and taking classes in person, is the way to go. Signing up for 54D requires commitment, and Omar Yunes has never backed down from that or tried to change it. He understands that people who dedicate themselves to a fitness goal are more likely to achieve it. They all work together, and that helps them feel like part of something bigger. The socialization aspect is also important, as is 54D’s high cost to sign up. But strong effort brings about big results.

Omar Yunes is Committed to Growth

As 54D continues to grow its customer base and offerings, Yunes will remain at the helm. His years of experience in leadership of other companies is just what 54D needs to keep expanding. He will push the company forward, as the trainers push their clients to new heights of fitness. In an industry where there are a lot of other options, 54D brings something unique to the table. Yunes is cultivating that, to ensure more growth in the future and more interest from additional clients.

As the company expands, there will be more opportunities for additional studios. Omar Yunes will oversee the changes, using his leadership skills to protect 54D and guide it toward additional fitness industry success.

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