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Olivier Roland the way of the intelligent rebel succeed outside the system and achieve ultimate freedom through a tech vision.

Olivier Roland

In his book “The way of the intelligent rebel” Olivier proposes to reconstruct the classic codes of the path to success. Written from the perspective of an adventurer, this work is an inspiring and empowering guide that offers many practical tips and strategies for achieving your goals.

While it does not advocate a total paradigm shift, this 500-page book offers proven alternatives to the long academic path as the primary route to success. With a specific dynamic of subversiveness, this book provides various tactics to help you improve your life. Indeed, the first half focuses mainly on self-improvement, while the second half focuses on entrepreneurship through a digital vision.

The profile of the “smart rebel” serves as the dominant pathway throughout the text. Olivier Roland describes this concept as one who smartly finds ways to break free from society’s rules and gain independence. While school remains the primary path to professional achievement, its impersonal nature is certainly a limitation.

Creativity, which is a necessary component of any artistic process, enterprise, or business activity, holds an important place in the author’s philosophy. If you are an entrepreneur or an employee who excels in your field but still feels that something is missing, this book certainly has something for you.

How do you become an intelligent rebel?

On this point, Olivier believes that the ability to be skeptical when exploring something new is essential. He firmly believes taht you should try it for at least thirty days before rejecting an idea. With this in mind, you should strive to identify better and more effective methods than others in your field. This could open up a world of possibilities for you.

The author also emphasizes Pareto’s Law, which postulates that 80% of our desired results are achieved by only 20% of our efforts. Thus, optimizing our performance will depend mainly on our ability to identify the 20% of actions that are most significant for our project.

That said, this productivity challenge requires everyone to develop greater mental strength while reducing the associated sources of stress to a minimum.

For Olivier Roland, for example, 81% of his tech company’s turnover comes from only 17% of his customers (page 29).

Moreover, the majority of the stressful moments linked to his professional activities only come from a minority of clients, which is not very representative of the whole. It is thanks to these different observations that he can maximize the performance of his teams by focusing on the right things.

To become a smart rebel, Olivier Roland also puts special emphasis on time management. Time management is a simple three-step process: get informed, plan, and get things done.

To this end, try to work in large chunks of time, without distraction or multitasking. And to save energy, it is ideal to group minor tasks and complete them in batches.

In addition, you should also minimize the clutter in your work environment by getting rid of items that are not useful or have no emotional significance.

Lifelong learning

While he is in no way suggesting its removal, Olivier Roland presents the traditional educational system can potentially lead you into a trap. A job that only pays the bills, but nothing more.

As a smart rebel, you should not accept the fantasy that success can only be achieved through formal education. With this in mind, self-directed learning is an essential skill that is not taught enough or very little in school.

If you read two how-to books a month, you will have read an impressive 240 books in ten years. As part of a skill-building process, this is a tremendous asset to your career and personal development.

As you progress through the various books, take notes and commit to taking action within 48 hours of finishing each book. According to the author’s testimonials, this strategy has produced remarkable results (page 204).

It is a must-have for anyone seeking guidance in their journey to self-upliftment. It presents practical tools for becoming the intelligent rebel who effectively hacks the system to live the life that inspires him—a must-read for all those who wish to get more freedom.

To go further, in this video interview IN ENGLISH with Tim Ferris and Olivier Roland, you will discover 3 fantastic keys of success which inspire this book and allow Olivier to experiment with this amazing success.

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