Olight Swivel PRO MAX: Powerful COB Work Light With Broad Beam

When you work and you need light, you don’t need a flashlight, you need an Olight Swivel Pro Max

Whether you are working under a car, checking a fuse box, or restoring old equipment, you need light. You need a lamp that gives you just high power diffused light, so much so that two people can possibly be working on the task at the same time. This lamp should be compact, rechargeable, rugged, flexible enough to provide light exactly where you need it; versatile to be able to be hung, fixed, and connected to a multitude of surfaces. High power, rechargeable, and with long runtimes would be ideal too, no? That’s why Olight further improved the great Swivel Pro, into the Pro Max a working light that checks every box in the list above, and more!

It’s even more powerful (its max output is 1600 lumens versus 1100 lumens of the Pro version!) and versatile working light that features only a COB emitter. The Swivel Pro Max is compact, foldable, reliable, rugged, and rechargeable, it is all you want from a working flashlight… and now has an even bigger battery that not only improves the overall times (basically doubling it) but can also work as a powerbank and be charged quickly thanks to the 18W PD charging protocol.

First of all, it’s lightweight and compact, weighing in at 590 grams (battery included) and measuring 160 mm in length (when folded), 102 mm in width, and 55 mm in height. Made out of rugged plastic, don’t mistake its lightness for softness. The Olight Swivel Pro is rugged, and robust and can stand the water thanks to its IPX4 water resistance rating.

The COB module emits a bright diffused beam, useful for close-range illumination. Thanks to the standard tripod thread insert, the Swivel Pro Max can be mounted on a tripod for max stability and ease of orientation. Don’t have a tripod? No problem, the bottom of the Swivel Pro Max has 3 powerful magnets that will hold your light securely to any ferrous surface, without the need for any extra items.

What if you have to put it on the floor? No problem, the body of the swivel pro articulates on its base, allowing you to tilt it 180° vertically (up and down), and 150° horizontally (left and right).

Want to attach it to your clothes? No problem, the body of the Swivel Pro Max can work as a clip so you can attach it to your backpack or your clothes for even greater flexibility… it also has a built-in hook, so you can hang it on your backpack, MOLLE equipment or on a cable.

The flood beam of the COB emitter has 5 working modes to adapt to your illumination needs: Turbo (1600 lumens), High (650 lumens), Medium (320 lumens), Low (45 lumens), Red constant light (50 lumens), flashing red (50 lumens). The red light is there for when you need to preserve your night vision, you need more contrast, to signal your presence on the road or in an event of an emergency.

Easily scroll through all the lighting modes thanks to the button on the light: a single click of the switch turns the light on and (after 3 seconds the light has been on) off. To change the brightness, press the button quickly to go through all the modes. To toggle between white and red light, while the light is on, keep the button pressed for one second.

The lithium-ion rechargeable built-in battery has a capacity of 10400mAh and can be recharged easily thanks to the USB-C port on it. It will offer you a max runtime of 170 hours with the red light, and 120 hours with the white light.

No need to go crazy over the remaining recharging time of the Swivel Pro Max: thanks to its battery indicator with 4 LEDs, that will glow: 4 blue LEDs on (when the battery is 100%), then 3 blue LEDs on and 1 flashing (when the battery is between 75% and 100%), then 2 blue LEDs on and 1 flashing (when the battery is between 50 and 75%), then 1 blue LED on and 1 flashing (when the battery is between 25 and 50%), and finally 1 blue LED flashing (when the battery is under 25%).

The battery of the Swivel pro max can be charged rapidly in around 4.5 hours with a regular USB-C Cable using a USB PD Power Supply (recommended 5V 3A or 9V 2A). The charge stored in the battery can be used as a powerbank for charging your phone or other devices, using both the USB-A and USB-C port). Using the powerbank, the charge will be fast, thanks to the 18W max output (5V 3A or 9V 2A or 12V 1A).

We know you’ve been going through all the times in which you could benefit from having a lamp like this in your working kit, or just when the power goes out in the building and you need some diffused light to keep the dinner going or your kids and pets entertained. But we know once you’ll have it in your house, you’ll be using it in situations and ways you didn’t think were possible, and ask yourself: why was I working so hard in darkness, when I can do it so much better with my Olight Swivel PRO Max?

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