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Olight Baton 3 Pro Max

The new updated Baton 3 Pro Max from Olight, has a newly optimized proximity sensor, to avoid accidental activation or obstructions on the front of the lens. In addition to this, there is a new “shake” feature to check the battery level at any time. A quick shake is all that is needed to see how much power is left, without having to turn the flashlight on.

As with previous Baton series flashlights, the 3 Pro Max features the same fast charging magnetic cable system. A powerful 2500 lumens top output, all in a compact EDC body which measures just 114mm x 26mm x 26mm, with a weight of 138 or 148g including battery. Rated to IPX8 and 1.5 metres drop tested, ensuring durability over the years.

It is available in Black, OD Green, and Desert Tan. With a choice of Cool, Warm, and Neutral white emitters (depending on body color). The desert tan model is also made of magnesium alloy, a first for the company. 

2500 lumens output, choice of 3 different color temperature LEDs

With a range of 5 power levels, the Baton Pro Max has a soaring top Turbo mode of 2500 lumens, with a range of 145 metres, next is an 800 lumen output (83 metres range), 120 lumens (32 metres) and two lower modes one is 15 lumens (10 metre range) and a moonlight mode of 1 lumen for up close usage. The strobe mode also matches the Turbo output at 2500 lumens (rate is 13Hz)

There are three color temperature choices for the LED emitters

A limited edition “Warm White” rated to 3000K-4000K (Black body color)

“Neutral White” which is 4000K-5200K (Black body color)

“Cool White” at 5700K-6700K (Black, OD Green, Desert Tan color)

The new hidden proximity sensor also prevents blocking the lens or generating heat when items are close to the lens.

Powered via a custom 21700 5000mAh battery, the cell offers extended run times up to 60 days in the lowest power level. Charging is via the magnetic charing MCC3 USB cable, simply snap onto the tail of the flashlight, and charging is completely in only 4 hours from flat. A useful charging indicator on the cable lets you know when it is charging (red), and when it is full (green)

The new “Shake to Awake” battery level indicator, just shake the body to light up the side switch, in 3 different colors. Green (60% + power left), Orange (10-60%), and Red (under 10%)

New Side Switch Design, and a choice of Aluminium or Magnesium Alloy

Olight is well known for it’s easy and simple UI. Now they have updated the side switch to make it larger, easier to feel – yet less likely to activate by accident thanks to the recessed design. In addition to this new switch, you still have a lock-out mode to prevent switch activation.

Traditional Aluminium body material is also complemented with a choice of Magnesium Alloy for the desert tan color. This new material is more environmentally friendly, it has excellent heat dissipation, and retains very good impact resistance. A bonus it is the lighter weight, about 33% lighter than aluminium.

All of the models retain IPX8 water resistance (2 metres submersion), and impact resistance to 1.5 metres. A compact rugged body, with useful double clip – making it a versatile pocket carry. The magnetic base can be useful to attaching the flashlight to metal surfaces, and Olight also provide an L bracket for storage which can be stuck onto various surfaces.

Olight Baton 3 Pro Max Key Features

EDC form factor 114mm x 26mm x 26mm, weight of 138g M(magnesium) 148g (Aluminum) including battery

Available in 3 body colors: Black, OD Green, Desert Tan

Choice of 3 LED Color Temperatures: Cool White, Neutral White, Warm White

5 Power levels and strobe with a maximum output of 2500 lumens, and a range of 145 metres

Magnetic base, and magnetic charging via the MCC cable

Aircraft grade hardened Aluminum alloy or Magnesium Alloy body

IPX8 Water resistant to 2 metres, drop tested to 1.5 metres

3 Stage Battery indicator with “Shake” function

Single switch design, with memory for last setting

Comes with double clip, and L mount bracket

5 Year Olight Warranty

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