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Olight Baldr S Rechargeable Weapon Light with Green Laser

This stunning pistol light delivers up to 800 lumens of white light and provides confident targeting thanks to the daylight-visible adjustable aiming laser. Runtime ranges from 1 minute burst at peak power to 2.3 hours or the 100 lumen low setting. Dual ambidextrous switches make for simple control from either side, and you have the choice of laser only, light only, or both together. Adapter for Glock and Picatinny rails slide forward and backward for best positioning. The Baldr S is packed with a LiPo built-in battery that recharges with Olight magnetic charge cable.

Baldr S rechargeable weapon light features

Combination weapon light

The Olight Baldr S gathers compact design with high lumen outputs and a green beam. The thin green beam is perfect for long-range targeting and an asset for security personnel and law enforcement.

The white emitter generates an 800 lumen beam that is simply activated via the ambidextrous rear switches. This interface makes it simple for either hand to turn the light into constant-on or momentary.

Charging system

Like all other Olight, The Baldr S uses a magnetic charging system. It is simple to stick on the charging cable and will completely recharge the battery in an hour. Plus, there is a charge indicator that will glow red when charging and green when done. Now, you will forever know when you are at capacity.

Easy controls

Olight Baldr S is compatible with most accessory rails. Controls are forever right at your fingertips with the sliding rail adjustment putting the ambidextrous power switches next to your finger. The Baldr S has a fast release arm for simple removal, installation, and cleaning. Combining its strong construction with water and impact resistance, Olight Baldr S is a best accessory for law enforcement, military, and personal safety.

Adjustable rail

The sliding rail makes sure the light can slide back and forth to lock down the top position for you, fast installation and removal with one second.

Battery life

The Baldr S battery is 3.7 lithium-ion battery and has a capacity of 380mAh. This permits the torch to have a highest runtime of 140 minutes with the hundred lumen mode. The highest distance that can be reached is about 130 meters.

The dimensions of the Olight Baldr S are mainly little, the length is 63mm, the body diameter is 36mm and head diameter is 32.5 mm. The weight is 95g including the battery.

What is in the box?

Baldr S (Battery build-in) x 1

The centerpiece of the Olight package, the Baldr S itself, this compact yet strong weapon light specs a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for external power sources.

Picatinny rail mount adapter x1

This essential accessory permits for perfect attachment of the Baldr S firearms equipped with Picatinny rails, a standard mounting system utilizes across different weapons platforms.

HM2.5*4.5 Socket Cap Screw x 2

These screens are mainly designed to securely fasten the Picatinny rail mount adopter onto your firearm, ensuring a reliable and stable connection.

H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1

An essential tool added for tightening and adjusting the different screws during installation process, ensuring a secure and right fit.

Oval point set Screw x 1 and Cone point set screw x 1

These unique screws service specific works within the Baldr S assembly, contributing to its powerful construction and reliable performance.

MCC special edition

The proprietary magnetic charging cable is made for Baldr S, allowing for effortless recharging of the built-in battery. The magnetic connection ensures a safe and reliable charging experience.

User manual x 1

A full guide that gives detail instructions on how to operate, install, and maintain the Baldr S. This user manual makes sure that user can increase the longevity and functionality of their weapon while adhering to best practices for performances and safety.


How do I install the Baldr S onto my firearm?

Baldr S firewarm installation is straightforward and generally involves attaching the provided rail mount adapter onto the firewarm rail system using the added screws. Detail installation instructions can be found in the user manual.

Can I use the Baldr S in different lighting situations?

Yes, the Baldr S is furnished with an 800 lumen white light that gives illumination in different lighting conditions. Additionally, the daylight-vision green laser make sure right targeting

How long the battery of the Baldr S last?

The Baldr S specs a built-in rechargeable battery with a 380mAh capacity. The runtimes varies depending on the selection mode.

Can I use the Baldr S in various lighting conditions?

Yes, the Baldr S is furnished with an 800-lumen white light that gives illumination in different lighting situations. Additionally, the day-night visible green laser makes sure right targeting even in bright atmosphere.

Can I adjust the place of the Baldr S on my firearm?

Yes, the Baldr S is furnished with a sliding rail mount that permits for simple adjustment of the light position to get the desired placement on the firewarm.

Is there a warranty for the Olight Baldr S?

Olight gives a warranty for their items, including the Baldr S. Details regarding the warranty coverage and terms can be found in the user manual or on a Olight official site.

End words

The Baldr S is one of the most strong compact green/white beam combos on the markets. Its white light output goes up to an 800 lumens and is complemented by a low hundred lumen setting. Its adjustable green beam gives foolproof accuracy when zeroed to your setup. Using the setting switch, you can replace between the green beam, white light, and combined setting easily without turning it off. The built-in lithium polymer battery is increased to 3.7 380mAh, ensuring a highest runtime of 140 minutes. The Baldr S still specs the patented sliding rail mount to simply adjust the light to your wanted place and contains two types of rail adapters to fit both Picatinny and Glock rails. With the fast-install system, you can attach and release the light in seconds for quick activation.

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