OKX Leads CEXs While Uwerx Gets Investors’ Attention

Uwerx Gets Investors' Attention

Binance is regarded as the biggest centralized exchange in the crypto market, but with its recent release pitfalls, could it possibly be replaced by another centralized exchange network like OKX (OKB)? The crypto market is famous for its volatility, and no one could truly tell what could happen with Binance following the SEC crackdown. However, one thing is sure, and that is Uwerx and the vast potential it poses for the freelance industry and investors. 

The new project is looking to launch on the Ethereum blockchain, and it brings in new ideas that we have yet to see, which are targeted towards revolutionizing the freelance industry. In addition, the project is on presale and could be a worthwhile investment in 2023. 


Uwerx (WERX), An Emerging Technology For The Gig Economy 

Freelancing has evolved from a temporary thing to a full-time job opportunity. Freelancers have gotten even more confident in the career path that only 33% worry about securing future jobs. The possibilities for freelancers in the field are endless, and the industry has few restrictions. Uwerx is a new crypto project looking to introduce features powered by blockchain technology to improve freelancers’ accessibility to jobs and more clients.

The project is launching on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to be the next biggest freelancing platform operating in a decentralized manner. The project introduces lesser service fees of 1% on all transactions, thereby broadening the horizon for freelancers to earn more. The project will help users earn more as they won’t be paying exorbitant fees of 10-20% like they are required to on other freelancing platforms.

OKX (OKB) Expands Operations

OKX (OKB) is one of the leading centralized exchanges in the crypto market and currently ranks third and fourth in liquidity and trading volume, respectively. However, with the recent events on Binance, the project could be moving up its rank anytime soon. While Binance faces regulatory scrutiny, OKX (OKB) advances towards extending its reach as a centralized exchange. 

The platform was recently offered a license to operate in Dubai amidst many other developments. This licensing process will allow OKX to offer services to retail users and institutional customers in the country. OKX is expanding its operations to the middle east, and this  is one major step to achieving this feat. 

Uwerx (WERX) Presale

WERX will be the network’s utility token, and users can transact with the token and also earn rewards. The tokens can be traded for real money or any other digital assets. The token is available at cheaper rates and can be bought at $0.041 on presale. The project is on Stage 5 presale and has raised nearly $2 million. The 5th Stage presale also includes a 15% bonus for investors to explore. 

Uwerx is projected to be the next biggest freelancing platform for users and now could be the best time to join before the presale ends. You can join WERX on presale using the links below. 





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