OKLG Partners with Mazer Gaming

(OKLG and Mazer Gaming seal partnership)

OKLG, never gets tired of rolling out new things. As you may have already come to realize, OKLG isn’t just about creating excitement; it seeks to build a sustainable ecosystem. That said, the team at OKLG is announcing a partnership with Mazer Gaming. 

To begin with, Mazer Gaming is a team of over 70 people, including professional E-Sport players, streamers, creators, and managers. Starting out in 2014 as a content creation group focused on games like Call Of Duty, Mazer Gaming later transitioned into the ESports scene in 2016. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you needn’t have anyone to tell you that Mazer Gaming hosts lots of gaming tournaments worldwide. 

However, for the sake of those who don’t know, they have hosted Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Apex Legends, and Warzone. In fact, they have successfully had thousands compete in tournaments at one time. They seek sustainability, which aligns with our values at OKLG. We always put our community members first, even as we are dedicated to finding marketing opportunities that align with our brand and make sense for our holders. Another thing is that Mazer Gaming has a goal of educating people on crypto and is committed to making charitable donations through tournaments.

Being a parent project of an actual gaming project in Smolting Inu, one of the things we know that will come out of this partnership is that it will put OKLG in front of new eyes. As already mentioned, Mazer’s commitment to crypto education becomes very useful here. It will be an opportunity to onboard more people on the crypto train through $OKLG and to be placed in front of crypto-savvy investors. More so, any objective observer can see this partnership as a no-brainer, especially considering that Mazer gets around 25,000 clicks per month, with 25M impressions

For lovers of details, it is vital to categorically spell out the scope of the partnership. The $OKLG logo and description will be added to the Mazer Gaming website. We will be featured alongside Gala Games and GMR Center, among others. Holders of $OKLG and its community members can expect to see occasional retweets on Mazer’s Twitter, which boasts a following of 13.2k. This will be in addition to one monthly tweet from an actual Mazer Gaming Player/Streamer.

And it should come as no surprise to see OKLG in the gaming section of Mazer’s discord. Our logo, description, and link will also be added to their Twitch page. Our links will also be featured in the description of the Youtube videos as well. This is one of the many marketing efforts we are pursuing. Just don’t be told!

The next bull-run in the crypto sphere is generally touted to be the greatest in the history of the blockchain industry. It could commence next month or next week, but it’s sure happening. When it starts again, holders of the $OKLG token as well well as millions of savvy investors like you will win the most. Join the action on Telegram now. 


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