OKLG Might Just be the Next Shiba

OKLG Might Just be the Next Shiba

Given how rapidly things happen in the crypto world, we might just wake up one day to discover that the blockchain has taken over everything. As anyone can observe, there seems to be a new coin and a new platform coming up each passing day. Very obviously, the crypto boom is being leveraged by people who understand the dynamics of space.

No doubt, the blockchain has been of immense value to those who have embraced it. People have been able to build and control immense wealth on the blockchain without having to worry about theft and unnecessary surveillance by authorities. Another beautiful icing on the cake of this technology is its privacy, transparency, and community structure which permits everyone to be part of the decision-making process.


Despite the many crypto coins out there, there are some that are worth giving a closer look at. OKLG is proving this point. In fact, OKLG might just end up being the next Shiba. Here’s why.

OKLG is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that is built on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has culture, community, and some utility at its core. The main objective of the platform is to provide utility and service to community members based on their needs at every given moment. This is very much unlike what is obtainable with some other communities where features and development completely ignore the need of token holders and community members.

First of all, OKLG offers immense rewards to holders of its token. The operational smart contract makes it possible to elevate native rewards in a dynamic way and to also exclude wallets from fees. Whether with the OKLG community or other communities, holding a minimum balance of tokens or holding Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) from other communities, the results are that your rewards will be immensely boosted. In fact, there is already an existing framework for the poll and periodic updates which will enable the ecosystem to create a formal governance process in the future.

Many believe that the tokenomics of the OKLG project is one of the very interesting ones out there. The community has dynamic and conditional tokenomics with innovative, on-chain logical hooks. A percentage of every transaction is kept back within the system to help ensure an amazing experience for users. 2% of all transactions is redistributed to holders of OKLG. Another 2% of transactions are used to accumulate a pool of native chain tokens (ETH or BNB) from which users can claim, proportionately, every twelve hours. In addition to that,  another 2% serves as an instrument for buybacks and to burn OKLG. Finally, 4% of all transactions are reserved in the treasury. This is used for funding marketing, ongoing research, and development. These funds are accumulated in BNB/ETH so as to prevent any selling pressure some projects suffer from in order to fund such efforts.

The OKLG team talks about a term that guides some of what they do. They describe it as Cross Community Interoperability. What this means is that the OKLG team collaborates with other projects and communities. The goal of this partnership is to build strong and large networks. They do this by buying back and sending tokens from other projects to wherever they are most needed. By buying back and burning through their contract, they can effectively lift the floor price of other projects. They can also incentivize influencers and partners through this mechanism to push people towards the project.

Another important thing that cannot be overlooked about the OKLG project is the experience of the team behind it. The founder has worked in many crypto projects including the Moontography project. It was even from these experiences that he found it necessary to integrate culture, meme, community, and utility as they are important things that excite people.

Wrapping Up

The OKLG team has not rested and is not planning to. Their goal is to build a community with the strongest and most high-value giving ecosystem where members are valued. In fact, it’s a people platform as the community members are at the heart of every decision, innovation, and technology. 

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