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OkCash Listed on BitMart Brings the Platform Closer to User base of 5 Million

New York,USA, June 11,2021, With its successful listing on BitMart, OkCash is available on the platform to a user base of 5 million. Furthermore, on BitMart, OkCash will trade with an OK ticker and two trading pairs at the beginning, OK/USDT and OK/ETH. With this successful listing, OKCash will be able to enhance the area of operations and get recognized in the world of crypto trading, along with harnessing the benefits provided by the BitMart system. 

Crypto Platform Designed for P2P eCash exchange

OkCash offers speed and efficiency while enabling a secure and decentralized system to empower every user. The micro-transactions led system evolved into a PoS  brings a simple-to-use system and ensures sustainable transactions to the users. 

This strategic cooperation between two crypto platforms reaps benefits for their respective communities. So far, BitMart is the largest exchange platform where OkCash has been lifted. 

The price of OkCash spiked up by 11% in 6 days, with the announcement of this listing. BitMart has a significant impact on the evolution and growth of the crypto coins listed on the platform,as the listed assets can access a large community of users. 

To further explore its potential for facilitating a P2P exchange system, OkCash ($OK) is available as a payment method on HostMaria. HostMaria is a global domain hosting and registration service and with OkCash as a payment method the cryptocoin’s community can use their $Ok coins to buy hosting plans and domains on HostMaria

Event Planned for the Users

According to the official announcement, users will be able to complete a transaction in three features. The Deposit feature is available from 9th of June 2021, starting at 10 AM EDT. The Trade feature begins on 10th June 2021 from 10 AM EDT, and the Withdrawal feature starts from 11th June at 10 AM EDT. 

The carefully planned event is meant to help users understand the process and ensure that everyone gets the most out of their transaction with BitMart and OkCash. 

On a similar note, BitMart will also hold a 240,000 OK Giveaway, Welcome Bonus Campaign to introduce the new cryptocurrency on their platform. In addition to this, the OkCash Trading Contest will also attempt to raise awareness and let the users know more about the new coin listing on BitMart while getting rewards for their participation. 

About OkCash

OKCash is an environmentally friendly peer -to-peer evolving into a full-fledged Proof of Stake cryptocurrency system. With all its features and functions, OkCash is easy to use; it has a higher confirmation rate bundled with lower gas fees. The platform is meant to be sustainable and create better returns for the users. OkCash is also ready to merge with the up-and-coming Internet of Things enabled systems making the cryptocurrency accessible via different systems meant to enhance the user experience. 

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