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Oilskin Dog Coat

Oilskin Dog Coat

Dogs are a man’s best friend. For some people who haven’t had a loyal dog as a pet, they wouldn’t understand the love and connection a human and dog have. Dogs can become our best friend, our child, our stress reliever, and maybe even our therapist (they are very good listeners.) They are just like humans; except they couldn’t really talk; but they can understand. 

Owning a pet can benefit us humans with a lot of things. First, they give us unconditional love (even if they are the snobbish types). Just like humans, dogs just need food, water, and a warm shelter to live in. They will give you their undying love, loyalty, and company in return. And what’s even exciting? The feeling of finishing a stressful day and your dog patiently waiting by the door, wagging its tail, and waiting for you to come home. Then, it will jump you up and down with excitement, greeting you a warm hello. It’s the best. 

It’s such a warm feeling to be loved by a furry little one. They show you so much support and love just by their wagging tail. Certain types of dogs provide both mental and physical support if you are under an emotional distraught or in need of physical support. A dog can also ease your loneliness by providing company, someone to gossip to, and maybe even just share a night under the stars. 

In the case of depression and grief, dogs can literally save your life. When you are feeling particularly down or frightened, they might give you a sense of direction and a reason to get out of bed. Dogs may have a profoundly calming impact on people and are often able to detect their owners’ emotions. For example, they may cuddle up to you when you are unhappy or lick your hands if you are anxious.

They inspire in us a feeling of responsibility, love us unconditionally, and are always there for us. Dogs require more upkeep but offer a variety of health benefits and give our lives new meaning. 

Did you know that pet therapy has been scientifically shown to significantly lower stress levels? Your body will release the “feel good” hormones oxytocin, prolactin, and serotonin if you spend about 15 minutes petting your beloved dog. In addition to putting your body into a state of relaxation, this can also drop your blood pressure by 10%. If you have a dog, you will need to walk it at least once or twice a day, which means you will get needed fresh air and exercise as well as the chance to interact with nature and form a close relationship with your canine companion.

Speaking of dog walks, when the heater is turned on and the breeze has been rather chilly once you open the door, your dog might need some protection from the cold. To keep your canine warm and snug, they must have an oilskin dog coat. Not all dogs are required to have a canine couture coat but if your breed of dog is not fit for the cold, then they are in dire need of one. However, your dog shouldn’t be bundled up with so many sweaters, jackets, and coats, they still need to be able to move around, walk, and do their business. 

If you are looking for a coat that can cover your dog’s neck, belly, but still allows them to move around and walk freely, then you should check out a variety of the burke and wills dog coat

Remember, dog coats are only worn when the temperature goes down. Dogs shouldn’t wear coats inside because they can easily become overheated and irritated. To avoid chafing and skin irritation, coats should always be taken off of the furry little animal if it is not necessarily needed.

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