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OG Crystals project invites participants to become AR artists in a new contest

The Organic Growth: Crystal Reef project presents a new contest #DiscoverOGCrystals, running until February 16th. The project invites participants to try on the role of virtual reality artist and create an original video using AR technologies and unique crystals, created by multimedia and digital artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko. The competition marks the next step in the OG Crystals project roadmap.

“Organic Growth: Crystal Reef” was the first dynamic NFT project connected to consumers’ data, combining innovations and technical complexity into works of digital art. OG:CR, the product of a collaboration between artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko (aka Myshil), transforms static NFTs into a flourishing digital reefscape: a unique piece of digital art that grows with every single resale. “Organic Growth: Crystal Reef” revolutionizes our understanding of NFTs projects through an innovative combination of art, AR digital technologies and the limitless possibilities of NFTs. The OG:CR project earned $4m in its primary sales round alone.

The new OGCrystals contest offers a wider audience to experiment with the capabilities of contemporary AR. The OG Crystals Community will give participants the tools to create an imaginative video with unique crystals using OG:CR AR assets on a smartphone, then publish the result on Twitter until midnight on February 16th.

Winners will receive a variety of special VR kits. The Grand Prize, to the first-place submission, is a full Valve Index VR kit, worth approximately $1600, with unrivaled resolution and image quality. The three runners-up will receive an Oculus Quest 2 (256GB, worth $399), one of the most advanced all-in-one VR systems today designed for multiplayer games and social experiences.

The 4 winners will be selected by a panel of judges: Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko, creators of OG:Crystals; Andy Alekhin, CEO & Co-founder of; and Anna Menshenina, Head of Marketing at The contest will run until midnight EST on February 16th.

The OG:CR Contest is hosted by OG:Crystals and

The OG:CR Contest mechanics for participants to enter the project:

  1. Go to the Crystals App website
  2. Choose one of the OG Crystals
  3. When the Crystal page appears, select the AR icon
  4. Scan your QR code with your mobile devices
  5. Wait a bit—this advanced technology needs time to warm up!
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to switch to AR view
  7. Tap and hold the button at the bottom to record a video
  8. Create a unique video using our OG:CR AR assets
  9. Follow OG:Crystals on Twitter and retweet the contest rules
  10. Go to Twitter and publish your content with the hashtag #DiscoverOGCrystals by midnight EST on February 16th
  11. Discover videos from other users under #DiscoverOGCrystals, then sit tight and wait for the results!

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