OFEK NFT. Diversification of capital through NTF tokens.

NTF tokens

The world of NTF tokens is exciting, diverse, rapidly changing and evolving: new projects appear every day and these projects attract and earn real money.

The NTF world is not only about virtual art trading.

The world of NTF tokens is a diversification of capital, it is a tool for cross-border trade and financial transactions, attraction of investments in the implementation of promising projects, a way to buy and technology transfer, buy franchises.

Also tokenization, digitalization of hydrocarbon materials (including deposits) and solid minerals using blockchain technologies and digital assets converted into smart contracts in the ETHERIUM network protocols (ERC-20) or (TRC20) and subsequent placement of these products on a digital trading platform for further use as securities.

Diversification of capital with the help of NFT tokens, in the context of the current crisis and market volatility, allows you to neutralize risks, relieve stress in crisis situations, and provide a comfort and safety zone.

Buying NFT tokens, which are backed by real assets, and which are not subject to inflationary processes, allow the Owner of the NFT token, not only to preserve his capital, but also to increase it in passive. Also, the Owner of the NFT token, if necessary, can be sold it a higher price. 

Also, the Owner can receive the asset purchased through the NFT token, and, if necessary, based on this asset, issue another NFT token and put this NFT token for sale.

The options and other for managing the acquired NFT token, but the result is – diversify capital and its further increase.

For example; NFT tokens – which are backed by assets – paintings by famous artists; Rubens, Claude Monet, Leonardo de Vinci, will never be subject to inflation, and the cost of these NFT tokens will only increase.

The assets which can be collateral for NFT tokens  and that can be used to diversify capital can be: word of art of renowned masters; antiques; diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones, jewelry with diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones, real estate.

NFT is the innovative, intelligent, investment and technological mega trend of this decade.

NTF tokens is the technology that will change the economy in the present time, and in the near future, and I sincerely believe in this, which is why I created the OFEK NFT project.

The OFEK NFT marketplace makes it possible to diversify capital through the purchase of NFT tokens. All tokens are backed by valuable assets. 

The assortment of OFEK NFT Marketplace will be constantly expanding. 

We provide the ability to pay in both fiat currencies: EURO/USD, and cryptocurrencies: USDT, ETH, BTC.

Welcome to OFEK NFT Marketplace: 

Opensea collection 

Author:  Mr. Sergii Ivanov.  


             Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation

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