Oduwacoin: A Futuristic Approach To Money and Cryptocurrency

By enabling users to execute borderless payments, Oduwacoin has offered underprivileged communities a great opportunity in the revolutionary dynamic market of Cryptocurrency.

 “Financial literacy is very essential when it comes to one’s success in cryptocurrency,” says  Bright Enabulele- the co-founder of Oduwacoin. This serial entrepreneur and blockchain strategist launched and developed Oduwacoin as a platform designed to cater to underserved communities, especially people of African descent who may not be aware of the ample fiscal advantages of the cryptocurrency. This has positioned  Oduwacoin’s co-founder by many as a ‘leading figure’ in the strategic transformation of digital currency in blockchain culture.

How it Works: A Quick Overview

Oduwacoin functions just like Bitcoin. You can send and receive Oduwacoin on the blockchain network for free. The core differences between Bitcoin and Oduwacoin are;

Oduwcoin is free to send and receive.

Efficient with 120 seconds block spacing.

Oduwacoin is a PurePoS cryptocurrency that supports energy-efficient and low-cost mining.

These features make Oduwacoin a cost-effective digital currency when it comes to use case for digital transactions on Blockchain now and in the future.

There are only 21million Oduwacoins and about 28% still to be mined. This fixed supply currency will drive scarcity as demand grows. This also provides great intrinsic value to Oduwacoin’s early adopters now. The reason why blockchain currency such as Bitcoin or Oduwacoin has great intrinsic value is definitely the store of value on immutable ledgers and scarcity.

The Potential Of Oduwacoin: A Closer Look

Field experts are currently predicting that Oduwacoin may lead the market in the use case for cryptocurrency in the near future. This is because it works effectively as a viable alternative to Bitcoin’s protocol, and the indigenous communities it supports. As the concept of cryptocurrency investment becomes more and more popular for people around the globe, they will find out that Oduwacoin is a gem.

Oduwcoin’s framework’ additionally acts similarly to Bitcoin in relation to how secure, immutable, and irrefutable transactions are executed on the platform. It is a decentralized Blockchain allowing for multiple consensuses when staking with Pure PoS protocol. Bright says user security is the priority of Oduwa and has developed the network to allow for multiple layers of authentication for users.

Oduwacoin is designed such that it allows even the most underprivileged communities in the world to utilize the platform and potentially expand their financial transactions. This is a testament to Bright’s intention to serve the Pan-African community through blockchain technology.

Oduwacoin is here to make cryptocurrency accessible to underserved communities worldwide.  This rising platform simply allows anyone with a cell phone and internet to connect to the global digital economy. This blockchain platform removes any territorial barriers imposed on disadvantaged individuals around the world as a result of sovereign and geographical borders. 

This is important to Bright on a personal level, especially as he is from the Benin Kingdom.  He is adamant about putting Africa ‘on the map’ within the cryptocurrency scene. He says, let those that understand our problem be the one to solve it.

A Final Take

To sum it all, Oduwacoin has contributed a plethora of innovative initiatives within the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology development.

 It should serve as no surprise that Bright’s and Charles’s consistent effort and devotion have created a solid futuristic Blockchain solution for financial inclusion. 

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