Octans Crypto set to hit 70k in Under 3 Months

Octans Crypto

Octans set to soar after founding in March 2021

Not many cryptocurrency sites have quite the same success as that which Octans are setting up. In the few short weeks since its establishment, it has smashed goalpost after goalpost, rising through the ranks of well-known BSC innovative token firms unlike any other to have come before. 

Octans crypto is on a mission. They aren’t just aiming to make their investors and stakeholders lots of money in ROI; $ OCTA wants to increase value by cultivating a steady community of like-minded souls, all with the same goal in mind. After all, it is people that drive projects, so why wouldn’t they move Crypto tokens

Stakeholders All Over the World

The remarkable thing here isn’t the fact that the total supply of one trillion tokens was only set aside in March, but that Octans Crypto has managed to gain traction all over the world. They have accumulated some 64,000 leads so far. The number includes clients all over the planet. They are interested in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, the USA, and the biggest surprise of all: China.

In only eight weeks, the Market Cap was set at $23 million. The Binance Smart Chain compatible $OCTA has already garnered the support of both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap on their short journey, proving that this is a token system with merit. The current price is low, but it shows significant promise compared to other systems at the outset.

After the initial push, Octans Crypto seems to be in a better position than most. For now, they are moving through the plan for their second quarter ahead of schedule. The next phase will see them subject to a smart contract audit, then working on a Whitebait listing. Given the solidity of their plan, it seems we will be set to hear more from them as the year progresses.

How Does it Work?

$OCTA tokens are used for transactions by their stakeholders. Every time a transaction is made, the system takes 8% tax. 4% will be put into liquidity, and 4% will be added back onto the investment capital. The 4% locked away into liquidity means that there will never be too many $OCTA tokens on the market. This keeps the value of the coin high.

A full half of all the tokens produced were burned upon the launch of the system. Remember, they started with one trillion. As the use of the coins continues, more tickets will be burned, which should keep the coin in deflation. A little over two months in and they have burned 542,702 and rising, giving us an insight into how much interest there is in this system.

$OCTA is interesting because it seems to take away some of the insecurities people have about other types of Crypto investments. If the system works correctly, we will end up with an ongoing token system that takes care of itself in terms of value and reliability. 

In terms of ingenuity? Octans Crypto is a company we should all be keeping one eye on.

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