Ocearch Partners with Rogue Sharks NFT to Preserve our Oceans

The Perfect Match

OCEARCH, a global non-profit conducting unprecedented research on our oceans’ sharks. Rogue Sharks is a Solana NFT project and lifestyle brand. The two have created an innovative and strategic partnership to help protect our oceans and the marine life that call it home.

From regulating Earth’s temperature to providing at least half of our oxygen, the health of our oceans affects us all, and this partnership will help bring us one step closer to returning it to balance and abundance.

Rogue Sharks believes in the power of technology to build communities, innovate and inspire positive change and OCEARCH’s innovative and collaborative approach to science and the world of non-profit makes this partnership a perfect fit. Through this partnership, Rogue Sharks will introduce OCEARCH to the world of Solana NFTs, helping create their own digital collectibles and donating an initial $125,000 to fund their vessel operations while on research expeditions. In addition, the Rogue Sharks community and NFT holders will have unique access and opportunities to engage with the OCEARCH on a more intimate level.

Why Partner?

Rogue Sharks Founder explains, “Since day one, our mission has been to build a brand and community focused on driving real social change through the power of NFTs and Web3. We need to protect and restore the ocean as if our lives depend on it, because they do. Partnering with OCEARCH was an easy decision for us after learning about their extensive work in the shark preservation space.”

“At OCEARCH we have always tried to stay on the leading edge of technology and be as inclusive as possible in our pursuit of returning our world’s oceans to balance and abundance. Partnering with Rogue sharks and bringing their expertise together with OCEARCH to help us understand and operate in the NFT space will allow us to increase our capacity to deliver to the science communities around the world and ultimately deliver an abundant ocean to future generations,” stated OCEARCH Founder and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer.

As apex predators, white sharks serve as critical members of the marine ecosystem, keeping our oceans balanced and full of life by keeping the species below them on the food web in check. In order to protect our oceans, we must protect our sharks, which is why OCEARCH is dedicated to researching and learning more about them.

OCEARCH has conducted 42 global ocean research expeditions, tagging sharks in regions all over the world and gathering crucial data to help best inform conservation and management. OCEARCH is currently wrapping up their Western North Atlantic White Shark Study, where they have tagged, sampled and released 83 sharks off the east coast of the United States and Canada to find answers for over 24 different science projects. Their goal is to tag an additional 17 sharks in this region this year, for a total of 100 sharks, in order to create a robust sample size for their science team. You can track these tagged sharks in near-real time on OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker. To learn more about the partnership between OCEARCH and Rogue Sharks head here.

About Rogue Sharks

Rogue Sharks is a global lifestyle brand that began in 2021 as a digital art project aimed at intersecting emerging technologies and ocean preservation. With a top traded shark-inspired NFT collection on the Solana blockchain and a loyal and diverse community, Rogue Sharks aims to drive real impact for our oceans.


OCEARCH is a global non-profit organization conducting unprecedented research on our ocean’s giants in order to help scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean. Our mission is to accelerate the ocean’s return to balance and abundance through fearless innovations in critical scientific research, education, outreach, and policy using unique collaborations of individuals and organizations in the U.S and abroad. OCEARCH is recognized as a world leader in generating scientific data related to tracking (telemetry), and biological studies of keystone marine species such as great white sharks, tiger sharks, and more. OCEARCH provides a free open-sourced Shark Tracking service and app that allows scientists, educators, and fans alike to learn about the never before documented movements of our ocean’s animals. Learn more at

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