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Occasion Abayas


An occasion abaya is usually worn during special occurrences, whether it is during celebrations, events, or weddings. These types of abayas are available in a wide range of designs and are more extravagant than your typical everyday abayas. They are fashionable and provide women who wear them with extra coverage.

For a modest woman, abayas are among the best types of versatile clothing as it triumphs in every situation with style, and ease, while uncompromising modesty. Despite the variety of styles that are available today, there are different types of abayas for varied occasions. Here are some examples of the different types of occasion abayas:

A-Line Abaya

The A-line abaya is distinguished by its airy, loose fit around the hemline. This style of abaya spreads out progressively from the chest to the hemline and at times can be lengthier in the rear giving it an asymmetrical hemline. Given their loose fit, some of them could feature a sash or belt around the waist for a more defined waistline. If you want to look more classic in this abaya, accessorize with minimal embellishments as this A-line aesthetic is usually a statement piece on its own. This style of abaya can be used on both casual and formal occasions. It truly depends on each design as some are intentionally designed with a more relaxed appeal while others may be dressier. 

Layered Abaya 

A layered abaya is a rather unique style where it includes two or more layers on its body or sleeves and can at times be made by combining different colours within a single fabric. This type of abaya is usually made from a lightweight fabric like chiffon to allow the layers to loosely flow with each movement. If you are going to a special event at a fancy restaurant, then opt for a layered abaya in muted colours like beige, or pastel colours like blue or pink, which gives off a very refreshing appeal while also looking put together.

Cape Abaya

Cape-style abayas are a bolder style of the classic abaya that adds a cape flowing from the shoulder to the hemline. The cape abaya can sometimes be confused with a batwing abaya as both have loose sleeves to enable your arms to stay free. The difference between these two is that the cape abaya will have an overlay from your shoulders and can include a slit on the side for the arms. It can be made from various fabrics and include embellishments and other patterns. The cape abaya provides a modern touch to your traditional abayas and can be worn at gala events as there is a certain luxurious feel to it, especially if you find a cape abaya made from velvet fabric.

Robe Abaya

The robe abaya is unquestionably the easiest and most common style to wear. It has a kimono-style appeal with an open front and a matching sash. This makes it an ideal piece for layering over a variety of outfits. You can also leave it untied and wear it over a pair of trousers, or a maxi or midi dress. Robe abayas are available in a variety of colours, textures, and prints, so there is bound to be one that suits your style. If you want your abaya to stand out, then choose a lengthy, elegant abaya with bold designs such as flowery prints or lace cuffs. This can easily transform a plain outfit into an eye-catching ensemble. These abayas look best when made of fabrics like silk or crepe.

Jacket-style Abaya

A jacket-style abaya is a loose-fitting abaya which takes up a few aspects of a jacket like having a lapel or oversized buttons on the front. Usually, those that have a lapel are designed with an open front and can include a belt, while those that are designed with buttons are usually worn closed. They can be made in a variety of fabrics, depending on the style. Oftentimes a jacket-style abaya just takes on certain embellishment features of a jacket but not necessarily its fabric. These abayas are made for ease of use, making them excellent to throw over another inner outfit or wear on their own. You can use it for special occasions like formal gatherings with friends or relatives. 

Ruffled Abaya

There is something about ruffle abaya that make them so traditionally feminine. Ruffles or some may call them frills add an extra oomph to a plain abaya without being loud. The placement of the ruffles on an abaya is usually on the sleeve hem, plackets, hemline, or anywhere at the seam of an abaya. It is usually made from the same colour as the main fabric and provides a certain zest to an otherwise basic abaya style. Of course, if you choose a black ruffled abaya, you know you can never go wrong with this colour, even if you must mix and match it with other outfits and accessories. 


Occasion abayas are often used on different occasions like family functions, formal gatherings at work, a celebration of sorts, or that rare red-carpet event. Whichever the occasion is, there is bound to be something that suits your style, especially given the array of options that are available online today. Whether you like it in dazzling vibrant hues or subdued tonal colours, there will be one that will appeal to you. If you are after simplicity and minimalism, then opt for neutral or dark hues. Oftentimes, your presence can be distinguished by the beauty of your abaya, whether it is during celebrations, events, or weddings. 

Finally, the key to wearing the perfect abaya is to feel good and confident while donning it. You may find the perfect abaya but if you do not feel comfortable wearing it, then it would be hard to walk with confidence. Hence, as important as it is to find the perfect piece, it is also equally important to try it on to see how good you feel about it. If you do, then you may have found the perfect occasion abaya for that special event.

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