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Observability and Monitoring in the Tech Industry

Observability and Monitoring in IT are two of the most important aspects of running a successful IT infrastructure. Observability is the ability to have visibility into the inner workings of systems and services. This visibility is achieved through the use of logging, metrics, and traces. Monitoring is the use of these metrics and logs to actively monitor the health and performance of the system and services. Monitoring can be used to detect and alert on potential issues, as well as track performance over time. Together, observability and monitoring provide a comprehensive view of the system, allowing for better decision making and proactive maintenance.

With years of experience, growing his deep well of knowledge in multiple domains, and across several industries, Ajay Reddy Yeruva has been an Observability and Monitoring Subject Matter Expert using new and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Deep Learning in Healthcare and Information Technology domains.

As customer and business demands accelerate, Site Reliability engineers, IT Operations teams, Developers and Management need operational visibility integrated into their entire architecture. The issue has become that complex modern infrastructure and applications make answering the basic questions that come with the territory more difficult than ever. Observability systems enable you to inspect and understand your application stack — but what is observability, and how does it differ from simple monitoring?

Observability is the extent to which the internal states of a system can be inferred from externally available data. An observable software system provides the ability to understand any issue that arises. Additionally, the three pillars of observability data as previously mentioned, are metrics, logs, and traces. However, turning data into answers requires more than just an observable system. Ajay Reddy Yeruva has been working within this landscape for nearly a decade, bringing innovative technology tools and practices, resulting in achieving 99.99% uptime of mission critical services and remarkable cost savings for the businesses across diversified domains.

An exciting addition to the tech world has been the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across several domains. Ajay Reddy Yeruva has been operating and utilizing these advancements to serve quality IT solutions on a global level. By automatically analyzing the dependencies among components, AI used in Observability and Monitoring practices is able to identify not just if a problematic service is the root cause of a problem, but also its dependencies on other services that run within different process groups in your data center.

The ease in which AI brings to this domain has brought incredible developments and changes to the tech landscape and the IT world as a whole. For more information regarding Ajay Reddy Yeruva and his Independent Research work within the Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments for improving Observability and Monitoring of diversified research areas, see his recent publications.

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