OBRok Wants To Become An Innovative Token As The Metaverse Craze Continues Into 2022


As the new year begins, there are all kinds of expectations for what became one of the main topics of discussion for 2021, namely the metaverse. There have been all kinds of discussions pertaining to both the concept as well as the practical implementation of the metaverse. With notable projects such as Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) among others standing out as key proponents of this new kind of technology.

With that being said, one project in particular aims to be at the forefront of this new digital frontier, and that is OBRok (OBROK). Through the effective utilisation of blockchain technology, it aims to earn its investors and supporters while providing various R&D services.

What is OBRok?

OBRok Token Launched on June 17, 2021. BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is a smart contract blockchain that works in tandem with Binance Chain to provide a permissionless platform for dApps (decentralised applications), and it remains a popular choice for numerous projects and protocols in the DApp space.

The BEP-20 network thus also used to create the OBROk Token. Moreover, the team’s primary focus areas include the ‘Metaverse’, ‘Web 3.0’, ‘Aeronautical Sciences and Space’, and finally ‘Renewable Energy’. As a result, the project delivers R&D services in various platforms by using the capabilities and potential of innovative blockchain technologies.

The project’s metaverse universe, which the team created, shall thus allow countless individuals to not only trade but also have fun (which is one of the driving forces behind the metaverse concept to begin with).


OBRok will hence use Web3.0 applications to successfully bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. And will additionally conduct various activities via its engineer personnel by investing in aviation sciences and space technologies. Finally, the effort will promote clean energy production as well through the use of renewable energy.

Essentially, through the project’s own metaverse universe, users will be able to own objects, buildings, and lands in the same way that they can in real life, as well as access digital NFT stores and have customizable avatars with 3D visuals.

They will be able to arrange community-oriented events across varying interests such as ‘E-Sports’, ‘Live Broadcasting’, ‘Live Music Concerts’, ‘Coin/Token’ activities, and so on. They shall also allowed to spend memorable and enjoyable moments in various areas where they may mingle with other members of the community. Furthermore, users can accomplish all of this quickly as well as securely thanks to the utilisation of the blockchain technology. All they need to do is link their wallet and start exploring this universe.

What makes OBRok different?

The team strives to make technical investments and engage in research regarding the field of space and aeronautical sciences. Furthermore, it intends to utilise the limited edition tokens as a method of payment within the aforementioned metaverse realm that it has created. OBRok thus aspires to be the most unique initiative in terms of its subject matter and the creation of real-world projects among current tokens.

Regarding past accomplishments, OBROK is currently trades on a number of different exchanges around the world, Mexc Exchange, LBank Exchange, Hotbit Global , Coinsbit Exchange and 5ROI Global. The team released its smart contract’s security report and also published a demo of its metaverse environment as well.

In terms of future ambitions, among the top priorities are building the community, being listed on the top ten exchanges on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko , becoming a dependable and well-known project within the DeFi sector, as well as increasing the staff and further expanding the team.

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