Obizcoin Token – Bitcoin Alternative Cryptocurrency For Startups And SMEs

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which came into existence January 2009. Bitcoin is a digital currency created and stored electronically in blockchains. A blockchain is a distributed public ledger that contains the history of all transactions on the bitcoin network which is stored locally on the computer hard drive of each user running a full version of bitcoin. The quest for digital currencies keeps on rising, with their total market value breaking a new record high. The digital currency market value rose above $300 billion last year for the first time since its inception.  The value of cryptocurrency grows regularly; this is due its high global demand.

Obizcoin token (an ERC-20 token) is a utility token that comes with many benefits. It is an encrypted ‘Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency’ that enables its holders to enjoy several services [such as operational risk score analysis] from their decentralize BOT platform-OBIZCOIN.

Obizcoin is a smart business process Automation BOT based on Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Obizcoin’s smart process BOT aims to automate business processes; in order to help startups and SME’s achieve excellence in any business process and help them take good decisions- which will ensure their venture’s survival in the long run. Obizcoin will also help organizations execute agreements between employees and employers, as well as external agencies; via smart contracts making the relationship between stakeholders transparent. With the aid of Obizcoin decentralized platform, employers can take note of their employee’s performance – rewarding them as at when due. The decentralized platform shall also be used to store client’s business data- which is extremely confidential. In summary, obizcoin is a virtual CEO that ensures excellence in business process management.

Obizcoin token holder shall enjoy several services offered by the decentralized BOT platform. Business consultants across the world can also utilize the platform to develop efficient business processes for their clients- obizcoin token will grant them access. In addition, obizcoin tokens will be used within the ecosystem of the organization for incentivizing their employers, associates and developers to develop/ maintain the platform continuously.

Obizcoin token holders will be entitled to several benefits such as incremental profit sharing [3% in the first year, going up to 50% in the third year]; monthly back and destruction tokens [which can help increase value of the remaining tokens]; 1% guaranteed return until the BOT is developed, this will ensure that the company works harder and stay focused to achieve their targets.

You can make progress in life if you take calculated risk. Therefore be wise and invest now to reap good fortune in future.

How would you start? First, identify the specific cryptocurrency you want to invest in, register in their appropriate website and open a wallet address- this serves as your account number; which you will use to send and receive cryptocurrency during a  transaction.

Where to Invest?  You are stronger advised to invest in Obizcoin token- bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency for startups and SME’s.

The pre-ICO of the OBZ token started December 14, 2017 and will end January 24,2018. The current selling price of 1 OBZ token for the pre-ICO is ; 1ETH=11,000OBZ token. The main ICO will start January 29, 2018 and end march 13,2018 ; the tokens will be sold at : 1ETH =10,000OBZtoken. The tokens can be purchased using: ETH, BTC, PayPal and Payumoney (for Indian residents).

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