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Obie Is Partnering With LoanBase To Streamline Insurance For Lenders, Borrowers And Brokers 

Cumbersome processes have long plagued real estate investors. From securing funding for new properties to providing the right insurance to close new deals. This is why Obie and LoanBase are working together to reduce friction for real estate investors.

Obie is to modernize the antiquated process of insuring rental properties for real estate investors, with a strong emphasis on increasing transparency. By working with LoanBase, real estate investors can now more seamlessly secure financing and insurance.

Obie’s innovative technology enables borrowers and lenders to secure insurance without leaving the LoanBase environment, meaning investors will have proof of insurance faster to secure capital. This increase in transparency, ease, and speed help both Obie and LoanBase to reduce unnecessary back and forths and deliver a far superior customer experience to investors.

“At the core of what we want to do is provide real estate investors the comfort of knowing their investment is protected. Partnering with LoanBase, who shares similar values, investors will face less friction and hassle in securing both financing and insurance.” —Ryan Letzseiser, Obie CEO

Who is LoanBase?

LoanBase is a digital lending marketplace that provides real estate investors with the financing they need to grow their portfolios.

Borrowers get instant access to thousands of vetted lenders and multiple real-time quotes. LoanBase’s technology cuts the average 3-month closing time in half by eliminating manual data preparation and automating loan applications. LoanBase brings simplicity and transparency to commercial lending.

“LoanBase and Obie, together, empower real estate investors to find the right financing and insurance for their needs, while providing them with a seamless experience throughout the borrower journey.” Ari Shpanya, CEO and Co-founder of LoanBase.

About Obie

Obie is reinventing the insurance process for landlords and rental property investors. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Obie makes requesting a quote and getting coverage simple, affordable, and transparent. Obie simplifies the insurance experience by providing instant quotes. No tedious processes or surprise costs at signing — the way insurance buying should be.

With all the momentum and energy lifting the rental property industry, in particular single-family rentals, proptech companies have emerged and partnered together to create an ecosystem that allows the individual investor to have a seamless end-to-end investment experience.

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