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Obed Dominguez – Solar Powerhouse And Passionate Entrepreneur

Obed Dominguez is an entrepreneur who started his company from the ground up, overcoming numerous daily challenges to succeed. Obed’s parents moved to the United States when he was young, seeking a better life for their family. He dreamed of doing greater things in America and establishing a route for himself there.

Early Life of This Passionate Entrepreneur

Obed Dominguez, now age 23, is the CEO of Sunforce Solar, which specializes in delivering long-term sustainable solar solutions to the residential market. He immigrated to the USA with his family when he was five years old, and they immigrated from Mexico. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, and now lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He strongly desires to assist people in improving their lives through coaching and mentoring.

Obed worked above going to school to make ends meet at the beginning of his odyssey. He aspired for something greater but took a risk and applied for two sales positions. Both were unsuccessful. Obed didn’t give up! Instead, he took another swing and embarked on a fantastic journey.

Then he came across an advertisement for a solar firm looking for salespeople. He was hired there. This was the start of something fantastic. He went to California to work for a different solar company after becoming one of his market’s top salesmen.

Obed became a better salesperson by taking every opportunity he could to learn. He studied and learned new techniques. Then, he and a former partner started their own business.

Launch of Sunforce Solar – The best solar energy service

Obed Dominguez has worked in the solar sector for more than four years. From an early age, Obed wanted to be involved in a business that positively impacted people’s lives, and solar does precisely that. Even though he was successful in the solar industry, he saw many problems with customer service, speed, and professionalism. So he founded Sunforce Solar to fix these problems. Sunforce Solar is growing every day, not just because more people are switching to solar energy but also because they are rebuilding trust in the solar industry.

Sunforce Solar is recognized for providing high-quality solar energy services. They’ve completed hundreds of solar installations for various businesses and residences. Sunforce energy has established a benchmark that other competitors must follow. 

Obed Dominguez – Using success to better the world

He is using his success to spread good throughout the world by training individuals suffering from a depressive illness, counseling them, and offering them his finest guidance so they may succeed in life. He frequently donates to charity and has assisted the homeless in every way he could, whether by giving them $20 bills to obtain some food. He feels good about doing such things since he believes that more blessings will come his way when he gives.

In his early twenties, this man had already made over $100,000. It is amazing how he did it, but he just worked hard for me, promoted, sold, and canvassed. But one day, he realized that it was possible. There is a saying that goes like this: don’t look at your limitations; look at your possibilities. This is something that has helped him a lot throughout his life.

What’s Next for Obed Dominguez?

Obed Dominguez is focusing on making Sunforce Solar the best solar company in America. He aims to provide homeowners with an easy way to go solar and save money on their electric bills. He plans to achieve this by offering various financing options and working with the top solar installers in the country.

In addition to his work with Sunforce Solar, Obed is also working on a book about his life and journey to success. With his good friend and business partner Samuel Barraza, he is also releasing his NFT collection.

Obed Dominguez is a Passionate Entrepreneur. He is a fantastic man with a great heart. He is always trying to help others and is very passionate about solar energy and making the world a better place. Obed loves having fun and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is also an outgoing person who loves to meet new people.

Follow Obed on Instagram here and his website here for more information.

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