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Nursing home abuse is real – know what are the different types of abuses that you can encounter

Nursing home

Nursing home and hospital abuse are alarmingly typical. Various national and international centers for elder abuse report that approximately 10% of health institution residents experience some abuse yearly. It is unacceptable, and there cannot be any excuse for nursing home residents getting mistreated or left without any care they deserve and require. Health institution abuse falls within distinct categories.

Every category is severe, and the elderly residents who fall victim to these abuses may experience lasting psychological, physical, and financial consequences. But you have good news. The nursing home residents who are victims of these abuses have legal rights that they can use to establish a claim in a court of law. If you or your loved one experienced abuse, there are various nursing home abuse attorneys who can help you get success and recover justice in these matters.

The many types of nursing home abuse

As mentioned, nursing home abuse takes several forms. The most typical include emotional abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, financial abuse, and neglect.

  1. Emotional abuse

As established by information from national and international centers for elderly individuals, emotional abuse is a specific category of abuse in nursing home settings. Higher institutions define emotional abuse as inflicting pain, anguish, or distress through nonverbal or verbal acts that include verbal assault, threat, insult, humiliation, and intimidation. Yelling at the residents when they cannot remember something or make mistakes forms an integral part of emotional abuse. Verbally and nonverbally abusing the residents and causing physical harm to them is a source of agony for residents of this institution. Also, making fun of the people who make mistakes or who cannot take care of themselves and become confused threatens their self-esteem.

  1. Physical abuse

As the name suggests, physical abuse involves recklessly, intentionally, or negligently inflicting harm or pain. It includes different categories of physical contact like pushing and hitting and causing residents to face injuries. Physical or chemical restraint use also comes with physical abuse in nursing homes.

  1. Abandonment

Abandonment in nursing home settings may result in severe psychological pressure. It may result in physical harm if the resident cannot do their regular chores. Abandonment occurs in residents when they are left alone in their rooms for an extended period. Who is at fault if they are unattended and that results in accidents? To get justice, you need legal help. You can visit for better assistance here.

  1. Financial abuse

Stealing the property or money of the residents of nursing homes results in financial abuse. Along with this, overcharging the resident and forcing them to sign documents or cheques. Using their credit card online account also come within this category. The staff members blamed for engaging in improper practices use this abuse for their benefit.

  1. Neglect

Neglecting residents of nursing homes require proper consideration, and there are many laws and rules for monitoring this sector. Typical examples of neglect include the inability to offer adequate hydration and also nutrition, failing to help residents with their medication, failing to assist with restrooms and hygiene, and so on.

Causing any abuse to nurse home residents is legally punishable.

It is thereby necessary to take the help of lawyers. Who can also help the victim establish the case and gain success.




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