Nurse Cat (NCAT) Project

Decentralization is the core of cryptocurrency. There is no authority to control the assets emission; there is no regulatory body to interfere with the processes and transactions, and; there are no third parties to participate in them. Talking about decentralization, we would like to recall one such project that has all the chances to boost in the future – Nurse Cat.

What Is NCAT?

NCAT is a native token on the Nurse Cat decentralized platform. It was developed with the purpose of easing programmable payments and improving the typical blockchain payment stack. The platform uses stablecoins that are stabilized by NCAT.

The service was built on Binance Smart Chain. As mentioned above, there is no central body to regulate it. All the operations within the platform are executed through smart contracts. 

The project has a DAO community, meaning its members suggest and vote on further platform development. 

The tokens emission is limited to 100000000000000. Large NCAT holders impact the asset’s rate movements.

The current NCAT token price is 0,0000000003493.

How To Use NCAT?

There are several options for using the NCAT token:

  • Trading. You can buy and sell NCAT and make a profit from the price changes. The token is traded on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange with 6 order types available.
  • Buy goods and services. As the scope of companies that accept crypto payments is increasing, you can use your NCAT to buy something.
  • Hold. As the NCAT token price is now small, this is a good opportunity to buy some tokens and hold them until the asset’s rate grows.
  • On the WhiteBT platform, you can transfer NCAT using the Codes tool and pay no fees.

Since decentralized projects are not very popular, the Nurse Cat may receive wider adoption among businesses and companies. It gives all the reasons to purchase this asset now. However, before making any investment, you should conduct an analysis and realize all the possible risks. 

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