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Number One Way Corporate Gifting Can Be Hassle Free


Gift giving is stressful in any situation. It takes a balancing act of sorts, to figure out just the right gift for the right occasion, circumstances, and relationship. This is all heightened in group-gift-situations, too. It makes it harder to be personal with the individual gifts when buying for a large group or number of people, as is often the case in the context of corporate gift-giving. The corporate world is tricky enough to navigate in and of itself, and the intricacies of corporate gifting can make things even more complicated. However, there are easy and convenient solutions to corporate gifting that alleviate the stress and eliminate the hassle in trying to pick out gifts for a group full of professionals.

One such solution is the custom snack box by Snackmagic which offers features that make it a convenient and effective solution in a wide variety of corporate gifting situations. From video-conferences, to client-gifts, and just about anything in between.

The Remote Work World

Something to note is that the reality of the remote work world is very likely here to stay. The virtual work environment became extremely popular out of necessity in the wake of early 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. While at first, it seemed like it was a bumpy ride, things eventually smoothed out, and the remote work world proved just as effective. In fact, due to other results of the pandemic, like the lack of a commute and more time at home with loved ones, employees were more productive, reported a higher quality of life and work-life balance, and didn’t feel as drained on a day-to-day basis.

With the validity and viability of the remote workforce being proven over the past few years, many employees have come to expect a hybrid work environment, if not fully and totally remote accommodations. Granted, some positions are easier to transition into a remote setting than others, such as an accountant compared to a construction site foreman, but many roles are projected to remain remote for the foreseeable future.

All of that said, though, the remote work world isn’t all perfect, as nothing is. Other challenges have sprung up in the wake of this transition, such as how managers can get teams to bond when they’re hardly ever in the same room together. How does a brand facilitate open communication and trust? What about showing appreciation to workers outside of their base payroll.

In and amongst these questions is how to approach corporate gifting in a remote setting in which it’s even harder to get to know colleagues and teammates. Especially with so many virtual workers living all over the nation. This can make it even more difficult to coordinate corporate gifting simply from a logistics perspective.

The Importance of Personalized Gifts

While getting a gift from a corporation in any context may not be quite as exciting or exhilarating as getting a gift from a loved one or someone special in your life, the recognition still feels nice. It feels even nicer when that gift is personalized and feels customized to your likings. This is universally true, because receiving a personal gift communicates that the sender really had you in mind and wanted to make sure that you enjoyed the gift.

Beyond making the recipient feel special, warm, and fuzzy on the inside, a personalized corporate gift says a lot about the brand and the people behind it. In the instance of sending something to a client, or a group of clients, this adds an extra layer of flair and legitimacy to your brand. Again, it feels nice to be acknowledged outside of the regular course of business, whether you’re an employee, a client, a partner, or anything in between.

Convenient Custom Snack Boxes

Convenient custom snack boxes might just be a solution for which you’re looking. The snack boxes offered by Snackmagic are customizable, but not by the gift-sender, the gift-recipient. The sender simply decides on a budget, includes the recipients they want to gift, and the rest is out of their hands.

The gift-recipients will receive an email with a link that allows them to choose from over 500 unique items, once their snack box is filled up, they input their own address, and have it shipped at no cost. The gift-sender is able to track the spending, and where individuals are in the process. Finally, Snackmagic makes it extremely easy to include additional swag from your brand to amp up the snack box that much more.

Wrapping Up On Corporate Gifting

Whether you’re thanking guests of a conference, or sending out an annual gift to clients, corporate gifting is an important part of the business world. In a marketplace solidifying as largely remote and virtual, the convenience and personalization of gifts matters that much more. Make it easy on yourself, while making people smile.

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