Now You Can Track And Manage Your Assets With RFID Technology

rfid tracking

Good news for those looking for technology that can help them track and manage their assets. RFID technology has gained huge popularity recently as a reliable technology for asset tracking and managing those assets remotely. This post will discuss how you can use RFID technology to manage and track your assets.

RFID personnel tracking system is one of the most popular tracking systems present now mainly because of its reliability and cost compared to other technologies. Let’s look into this technology more closely.

How Can We Track Our Assets?

RFID or radio frequency identification can be used to locate any fixed or moving item. You can locate an item remotely if you have four major components (RFID tags, readers, inventory management software and an antenna). RFID patient tracking systems are a kind of tracking system used in medical centres. If you place all the components correctly, it can precisely track anything.

RFID Tags Used For Tracking

RFID tags are most important for tracking purposes. If you want to track an item, you attach an RFID tag to that item. With the help of antennas and radio waves, your inventory software will receive regular information about that item in intervals. There are several tags available in the market. Costly but efficient active tags can fetch data quickly, whereas more conventional passive tags are slow but can do the job.

If you are wondering the difference between an active and a passive tag, let me clarify: active tags carry their power source within them. Passive tags are not like that. Depending on your budget and your desired efficiency, you can choose any of them.

Is There Any Difference Between RFID And Barcodes?

We have been using RFID technology for quite some time. Barcode scanners are also there. Do you know the difference between a barcode and an RFID tech? Let’s discuss that here briefly. Earlier, we all used barcodes.

Though the technology is swift, the use of RFID has surpassed the barcode because of its reliability and speed. You can see that all those shops previously using barcodes are slowly replacing that with RFID. If you are one of them and looking for help, consult with an experienced person in RFID technology.


Another question may arise. If the RFID technology is so good, why not using as a replacement for GPS? GPS, or global positioning system, is the advanced tracking system used for real-time tracking. GPS sends all the information directly to the satellite and collects information from the satellite as well.

As the speed GPS operates is too much, we can access the real-time location easily. GPS is much more efficient and expensive than RFID. If you are doing a small business, RFID is probably a more practical solution than GPS.

We have tried to give you a rough idea of how RFID tracking works. What is the difference between an RFID and a barcode? We also provide some information about GPS. Read and decide which one is best suited for you.

SMO- Have you heard of the RFID asset tracking system? In this post, we have discussed how an RFID asset tracking system works and the difference between an RFID system and a barcode system. Please read the following write-up to know more about tracking.

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