Now You Can Pay Your Co-working Space Provider Rent24 Bill With PumaPay

For startups firms and upstart people, the main administrative issue is where to have their office. Rent24 is a company that provides the solution. Based on the concept of shared offices, Rent24 provides people the opportunity to rent out working space. Economical and full of facilities such as restaurant and fitness centers, Rent24 is the future of working space and in line with their concept, it now allows its users pay their rent with PumaPay, through PumaPay’s mobile wallet app.

PMA Billing

PumaPay is a unique crypto billing platform that allows the ease of cryptocurrency use, while giving the consumer safety of traditional billing systems. Built on blockchain, PumaPay integrates the best of both worlds and offers a unique method in which one of the greatest barriers in cryptos is removed.

Using its own special built PullPayment Protocol, Rent24 users can now setup their PumaPay wallets to pay their rents using the native PMA tokens. Integration of the PumaPay Business Console means Rent24 can set up recurring billing for people renting out its space and services.

Rent24 is proud to have this service so that its users have the peace of mind by using one of the most secure methods of payment. CPO of Rent24, Damian Leich said,

“We believe PumaPay’s solution can make payment processes more efficient, and we’re happy to onboard The PullPayment Protocol to our platform,”…“It’s clear there is a growing demand for cryptobilling, therefore rent24 wants to offer this additional option to its tenants as well.”

Payments made to Rent24 through PumaPay PMA tokens carry no extra charge, except for a small gas fee for the transaction cost. Based on the Ethereum network, the gas is the only charge that is necessary to pay to miners and node owners who maintain the larger Ethereum ledger.

Why PumaPay

Cryptocurrencies were born out of the failure of banks and the financial system to protect the money of people. Cryptocurrency holders are their own banks and send their tokens and coins directly to other people. This means there is no need of any bank, intermediary or middleman to transfer funds. A trustless system, cryptocurrency dealings rely only on the sender’s care to ensure that the correct amount is sent to the correct address. A one way highway, when the funds are sent, there is no cancelling or funds being reversed.

For companies and individuals, this ability of cryptocurrencies of not being able to be stopped by a third party also is a cause of concern. In a situation where a dispute arises and money is to be returned, who will ensure it is actually sent? Will the seller or service provider be so kind to return a buyer’s money? There are other situations in which recurring payments have to be done, such as subscription or bill payments. In traditional financial systems, a user can setup his or her bank account to automatically pull data on their bills and pay these on their behalf. In cryptocurrencies, there is no such provision.

PumaPay platform is specially built to create the necessary protocols that allows its native token, PMA to be used in a way that regular payment solutions are. On the addition of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol with Rent24, the CEO of PumaOay, Yoav Dror, said,

“Rent24 is a young, forward-thinking company that values innovation above all, just as we do at PumaPay. There is an obvious need for a flexible, low-cost payment platform across all industries, and we are proud to offer the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol as this solution.”

Recurring bills, subscription and even reversal of transaction in case of a dispute are just a few issues that are not supported in the way cryptocurrencies are built. PumaPay, with its PullPayment, allows merchants to enjoy the benefit of cryptocurrencies and at the same time, the protection offered by traditional banking systems.

Other unique services offered by PumaPay Protocol include the freezing of PMA token price for a short time, protecting both the sender and the receiver from price volatility that cryptocurrencies are most famous for. Another feature of PumaPay is that it also lets firms and merchants have an automatic fiat conversion. In this, the buyer sends PMA tokens to the merchant, which are sent through the PumaPay gateway, converted to their equivalent supported fiat and deposited in the merchant account. Through this, merchants who do not wish to be paid in cryptocurrencies, yet unwilling to let the opportunity of a sale go away, can do so.

PumaPay is swiftly gaining momentum in the crypto integration sphere. Last year, it did upgrade its network to bring in increased scalability, tougher Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to protect its users from fraud. The platform also offers dynamic billing for services where the bill depends upon the time and type of services used, aiming towards adoption by the hoteling, airline and the transport system.

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