Now Is Good Time to Buy Bitcoin says ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author

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Robert Kiyosaki, a former real estate investor who is now a financial education entrepreneur and author, best known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has shared in a post why it makes sense to engage in Bitcoin and other significant assets right now. Kiyosaki discussed “retail prices dropping” in his post. Additionally, you can check out the price predictions on our website, which have been featured in various Bitcoin news stories.

He declared that “rich brands are on sale,” urging the public to start purchasing before the American government brings systematic inflation under control. The current inflation, according to government officials and Fed representatives, is structural rather than temporary, Kiyosaki emphasised, and it only began in 2020 with the spread of the epidemic.

Because of this, Kiyosaki now advises his followers to start investing in “rich brands” like Prada and Polo shares, as well as gold, silver, and Bitcoin, before these become more expensive, as we can corroborate from a crypto news website. Since the beginning of 2020, when he frequently stated on Twitter that the US currency was “almost dead,” Kiyosaki has promoted the “usual package” of gold, silver, and bitcoin.

He believed that the Federal Reserve should create money to help the economy. Over 6 trillion USD were produced “out of thin air” in 2020 alone. Kiyosaki was informed by one of his fans that he concurs with the recommendation to purchase Bitcoin and the aforementioned valuable metals. But he questioned the wisdom of investing in Prada and Polo companies. The financial expert did not respond to the query.

Kiyosaki stated on Twitter earlier this month that he thought the world financial disaster was getting worse. After significant American institutions started filing for bankruptcy, he claimed that “more and more dominoes” were toppling. Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank are a few of them. (all of these were “crypto-friendly” and offered banking services to crypto exchanges and blockchain companies, such as Ripple Labs). Many other institutions did the same.

Oddly, Kiyosaki stated that “the third major bank” was prepared to fail after Silicon Valley Bank failed. He remained anonymous, but a few days after making his forecast, Signature Bank was declared bankrupt. The share price of Signature Bank dropped as SVB wound down.

Betting on Bitcoin reaching $500,000

Kiyosaki revealed his predictions earlier this year regarding the potential price increases for Bitcoin, gold, and silver if the Fed were to continue operating the money generator. According to Kiyosaki, in just two years, Bitcoin could be worth half a billion dollars, gold could rise to $5,000 an ounce, and silver could reach $500 an ounce.

He stated on Twitter that the reason for the sharp increase in the price of safe-haven assets is most likely the Fed’s continued issuance of trillions of dollars in “fake money,” which will devalue the US currency. Now that the US government is saving collapsing US institutions, more freshly produced USD are being spread throughout the US economy and for the whole world to produce it better way.

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