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Novel Genres Adored By The Teens

If you are looking forward to encouraging teenagers to get into reading, it is important to provide a range of genres to choose from. Teenagers sometimes hesitate to spend their time reading if they do not feel captivated or interested in the content. 

That is why it is important to navigate them towards the best fit. For these reasons, you have to keep an open mind and discover various genres that tend to suit well with certain age groups. By increasing the options, you can help produce a love for novels and books in your teens and encourage a lifelong entertainment of books.

Romance and Dark Romance

Romance novels comprise a wide range of themes, but all revolve around love, relationships, and the emotional journeys of fictional characters. On the other hand, dark romance explores more intense factors of love and relationships, usually including elements of danger, mystery, and psychological thriller. 

These novels dig into complex and usually taboo topics, which makes them enticing for readers. Dark romance books are a treat for readers who love to explore the darker side of human emotions and relationships. Whether you like the sweetness of a traditional romance or the thrill of a dark romance, both provide unique and engaging perspectives on the complexities of love.


Fantasy novels are a fictional genre that often takes place in imaginary or mythical worlds. They usually follow the journey of a hero or heroine as they get into this new world, fighting against evil forces and exploring their own unique abilities. 

Fantasy novels mostly draw on folklore, legends, and mythology, generating rich and immersive worlds filled with perfection, magic, adventure, and wonder. They offer readers an escape from reality and provide opportunities to discover new realms of the imagination.

Young Adult

Young adult novels are written for young people between the ages of 12 and 18. These novels typically discover themes and challenges that are relevant to teenage experiences. For instance, young adult novels include identity, relationships, and growing up topics. 


Self-help novels usually feature content that is known among the readers and revolve around the topic with emotional depth. Such novels are adored by readers because they cover a vast range of topics, including relationships, personal problems, daily struggles, and others. 

Additionally, these novels provide a way for readers to captivate themselves with important issues and emotions in a safe and supportive environment, while also getting a fun and exciting escape from the real world.


Every person has their own perspective and interests but the mentioned genres are mostly preferred by teenagers. Readers of younger ages like to read books that can relate to them. This helps them to connect with the fictional characters and resolve their daily life problems. 

Moreover, the age of teens is very sensitive and many readers get to learn a lot from reading. To be precise, reading novels of any genre can be helpful for anyone as every book has at least a single message to learn. The novels provide the readers with a world full of drama, fantasy, mystery, and much more.

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