Nothing is Stopping DigiToads NFT Collection From Drawing Mega Demand, Learn Why

DigiToads NFT

The remarkable DigiToads (TOADS) presale is already generating huge demand as it approaches a much-anticipated new ico launch. It’s got everything needed for success for all sorts of investors as it leads the way as both the best crypto for beginners and the best crypto for veteran investors, too. A core part of its wide-ranging list of features is next-level NFT capabilities, which sit alongside a solid set of mechanics and a model that’s built for both long-term growth and continued utility. Here’s why new investors are adding TOADS to their portfolio every day as it sails past $6 million in presale sales:

DigiToads (TOADS) offers next-level NFT capabilities

Thanks to a 2% transaction tax, TOADS gives users the chance to stake trending NFTs for long-term passive income gains. These kinds of returns aren’t possible with any other meme coin or any other traditional investment, and give you a hands-off passive opportunity to simply sit back and count your gains as they come flowing in. Those who stake popular NFTs on TOADS for the longest will earn the best yields and the most income over time. But that’s not the only incredible feature TOADS brings to the table…

TOADS is completely deflationary

With rampant inflation becoming a huge issue in the fiat world, investors need an answer. Unlike fiat currencies, TOADS has a finite supply, and with burns over time, the token will become more scarce throughout its journey. TOADS offers the perfect level of deflationary strength that’s built for long-term success and is, therefore, an incredible investment opportunity.

The TOADS presale continues to break new ground

As TOADS heads towards its official launch, prices will continue to go up automatically. You can currently enjoy automatic discounts of $0.047 per token, which will hit $0.055 when it officially launches onto mainstream exchanges like BitMart and Uniswap. The TOADS presale is easy to make the most of, and tokens are available for any major crypto. This presale has already raised over $6 million, and that figure is only going higher in the next few weeks.

Unbeatable Play 2 Earn Mechanics

The P2E ecosystem offered by TOADS is second to none. In it, you get to battle it out with your own TOADS companions for oodles of rewards every season, which can either be used to feed and nurture your TOADS so they’re even more powerful, or withdrawn for instant profit.

Community-first ethos

The TOADS model both values and rewards its community throughout their investment journey. With full DAO votes on all major decisions and 2.5% going to charities chosen by TOADS users, you’ll get a big say in the future of this project.


TOADS’ NFT collection is only one part of its multifaceted offer. With all these reasons to invest, it’s not surprising that the TOADS presale continues to break new ground. There’s still time left to grab discounts before it goes up in price again, so lock in gains as soon as you can.

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