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Nothing but Truth, the Real Estate Industry’s Transparent Docu Series Brought to You by the Disruptors Network

The Disruptors Network is one of the real estate industry’s most exclusive communities, with thousands of members worldwide. The company, created by entrepreneur Ralph DiBugnara, provides its members with a network that includes individuals who have made billions of dollars in sales, teaches agents how to build a personal brand alongside their company, and reveals the inside secrets used by experts in the industry.

Ralph has achieved a great deal through The Disruptors Network, including features in media outlets like CNBC, FOX Business, HuffPost, Forbes, CBS News, and US News & World Report. Recently, he’s unveiled his newest venture regarding the brand. In partnership with entrepreneur Eulogio Medina, Ralph created a docu series that will focus on the lives of some of his high-level clients.

Unlike most docu series, The Disruptors Network won’t be including any scripted moments. Nothing but the raw and transparent lives of each castmate will be shown, as authenticity is what they’re aiming for. Too many businesses play things up to try and fabricate a more luxurious vibe than there really is, but that isn’t the case here.

Each episode will be giving viewers a firsthand look into the struggles and success stories of entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. Some of the faces that will be making an appearance will be Jordan and Luke Lintz of HighKey Holdings Inc, interior designer Vanessa DeLeon, musician Sickamore, businessman Anthony Lolli, and a few more big names.

Something all of these entrepreneurs have in common is that they’ve impacted millions of people with their businesses. Whether through their music, giveaways, or customer service, each person who will appear on the show has done something positive with the platform they’ve been given, and The Disruptors Network wants to share that.

Though viewers will get a glimpse into the luxurious lives these individuals lead, the show will focus more on the journeys everyone took to get to where they are now, and how no matter what background one comes from, success is achievable. Showing the transparent process of entering the real estate industry and how to scale within it is what The Disruptors Network has aimed for.

Twelve episodes will be airing total, with the first one premiering on February 18, 2021, and the rest each week after. Viewers will be able to watch on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Roku, Apple TV, and even on the Disruptors Network app, which will be free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Until their launch in February, future viewers can keep up with the show through their website,, or Ralph’s Instagram, @dibug.

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