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Note Designer Shares Productivity Software Every Freelancer Needs

Productivity software can be a huge help in managing your professional life. Whether you are a freelancer or a professional, you can find great solutions to your organizational problems. Software like Note Designer, a solution for mental health professionals, is tailor-made for the demands of a busy practice. But why stop there? Here are 7 great options for productivity software that will help people in a variety of industries get organized and stay that way. 


Evernote appeals to professionals of all kinds. The program integrates note taking on a smartphone and on the computer, storing notes in the cloud so that they will always be backed up. 

Evernote has an impressive suite of features, including the ability to make notebooks out of existing notes, the ability to tag notes for proper sorting, adding tables and checklists, and adding attachments to notes. There are a variety of tiers in the service with different amounts of storage, but the key features of the software remain the same across all tiers. 

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done promises to revolutionize the way you organize your workday. This philosophy, popularized by David Allen, centers around five steps that “apply order to chaos.” These steps are “capture” or collect the information you need, “clarify” or digest this information, “organize,” “reflect” or take the time to review this information often, and “engage,” or tackle your work with confidence. 

There are several different apps which subscribe to this organizational philosophy. A few examples are Things (iOS and Mac only) and Focuster, a scheduling app. 

Note Designer

This app is perfect for the busy mental health professional. Created by two psychologists, it makes therapy notes easy to write and organize. The practitioner can choose from a library of phrases to write the note, speeding up the process. The note can be printed or the information can be cut and pasted into an electronic health record or a word processor. Mental health professionals often have difficulty fitting in all of their tasks during the workday, and this app speeds up the note taking process. Note Designer is also branching off to create similar programs for other professions such as physiotherapy and life coaching.


This app helps people understand how much time they are spending on various tasks, whether they are useful and work-related or simple distractions. The desktop app is able to capture all of the activity on your Mac or PC, blocking unproductive websites and helping you stay on task. This app can be a huge help for people who try to do too much multitasking and people who are easily distracted by social media and non-work-related websites. 


Slack has revolutionized today’s workplace. Instead of relying on email, workgroups can use Slack and communicate in real time. The program is organized by channels so that different groups can only deal with their own messages. The program has group chats as well as direct messaging features. It is also a platform for video chat and sharing documents. SalesForce, Dropbox, and Google Drive can be integrated for maximum productivity. 


ToDoIst is a powerful list-making app which automates the process. To begin, write a note with all the things you need to do, tagged with categories. The app will organize it into to-do lists by tag. This is a good app for personal and workgroup use since users can create groups and assign tasks. It is also a basic project managing app. Various tiers of service have more features, and the top tier contains the working group functions. 


Zapier helps to integrate the information from various other productivity apps, including Trello, Dropbox, Slack, and Google products like Google Drive and Gmail. This app can significantly cut the time which is needed for simple tasks like data entry. 

Enhance Your Productivity

All of these apps are useful for solo freelancers as well as larger workgroups. Productivity apps can put time back into your day, saving your energy for important tasks. Apps like Note Designer are made to help business owners and freelancers stay on top of their workload and spend more time on the core tasks of their jobs.

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