Nostalgia on Blockchain as Anomura Partners with Atari to Bring Classical Games’ Assets to the Decentralized World


Atari’s classical games from the 1970s are given a new life through Anomura as the latter integrates IP catalogue in its GameFi ecosystem.

Atari’s classical games

Combining Power

The partnership sees Anomura, a GameFi platform known for its retro styled looks that reflect the decades old graphics of the earliest console video games, but uses the latest in blockchain and P2E to bring in players that are much younger.

The collaboration sees Atari intellectual properties such as in-game assets from Asteroids, ONG, Adventure and others in the shape of NFTs, mintable and playable within the Anomura gaming ecosystem.

While Atari already understands the importance of blockchain and web3 through its own dedicated Atari X, it is a standalone blockchain. In order to bring in more players and bring back the glory of classical games, the licensed assets are being made available to Anomura players in order to push for a mass adoption.

Anomura is minting more than 800 different Atari assets as NFTs, which Anomura players can acquire and use within the game. With its retro looks and a storyline to match, Anomura is the perfect web3 game to integrate the assets and increase the public’s interest in Atari.

Speaking on the occasion, Direct Atari X, Tyler Drewitz said,

“Fans of Atari will love to see their favorite classic games integrated into Anomura’s Web3 games.”…. “We are excited to collaborate with Anomura as they create the next generation of blockchain gaming.”

On the other side of the collaboration, Long Do, Anomura’s Game Director explained how the partnership was beneficial to both parties,

“Anomura is proud to be the bridge between the original gaming console and blockchain gaming”…. “By partnering with a gaming giant like Atari, we hope to build a completely new gaming adventure. We hope to leverage Anomura’s unique style with Atari’s technology to create the most immersive in-game experience that pushes forward the gaming industry.”

A Part of Virtual Human Studio

Anomura is a retro style game launched by Virtual Human Studio (VHS). The game developer platform believes that the secret to the future of gaming not only lies in adopting the latest technologies, but also leveraging different deep-seated emotional connections the players have.

The partnership with Atari does exactly that as it brings in games that were revolutionary in the industry, nearly half a century back.

VHS is famous for using a combination of different technologies, mixed reality along with the emotional connection to connect the real and the virtual worlds. Its flagship game, ZED RUN does exactly that. A horse racing game that sees futuristic elements infused in it, it allows people to become horse and stable owners. These players can then use their horses and stables to breed, trade and race their steeds. The social element has increased many folds as the races are broadcasted to viewers live on different streaming services, reaching out to millions.

VHS also has its metaverse, the Human Park. The web3 virtual world has been designed to be extremely easy to enter by reducing barriers to nearly non-existent. This pushes the agenda of bridging the reality we know and the virtual one as the public can easily access the web3 iteration.

Atari: The Revolution and Evolution

For the young minds of the 70s and 80s, Atari holds a special place in their hearts. A start up in 1972, the gaming company reshaped the industry through its introduction of captivating games not only in the arcade market, but also in the emerging console and (in later decades), the PC market.

Made most famous with its Atari 2600 (initially called the Atari Video Computer System), the console allowed all the fun and enjoyment of arcade gaming right in the homes of players. In its three decades of run, the console saw a number of different games and titles that came in large cartridges. Titles such as Atari’s own Combat and licensed ones like Space Invaders and Pac Man helped the console see three decades of sales that crossed 30 million sets.

About Anomura

A creation of Long Do, Anomura reflects the years of experiences the Anomura NFT Game Director has not only as a developer, but as an avid gamer himself. A fast-paced NFT game in an RPG setup, players take the role of one of the native Anomura, as they seek to fight powerful enemies and save the universe.

Travelling the four realms of Earth, Ocean, Science and Sky, the player discovers different NFT cards that provide abilities and tools to fight the enemies. With the integration of Atari’s digital assets, the game has increased its NFT supply by 800 to accommodate the new items, each having different characteristics and properties to help the player bring back balance to the universe.

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