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Non-GMO Soya Market Growth Factors with Trends and Pricing Analysis, Risk Analysis with Upcoming Opportunity-2030

Non-GMO Soya varieties that are not genetically modified through bioengineering technology or biotechnology. Soy has many applications in the food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Soybeans are mainly grown to make flour, which is the main product, and the extracted oil is a secondary product of soybeans. Based on the application prospects of soybeans, it can be classified into whole seeds and fractionated soybeans into grain and oil. 

Soybean or soy is a legume species native to East Asia and widely cultivated for its range of uses. Soy is classified as oilseeds rather than legumes and is considered the most valuable and cheapest agricultural product. Soy is very nutritious, the oil and protein components of soy are not only in high quantities but also of high quality. 

Today, consumers are aware of the negative health effects of genetically modified products; This increases the global demand for Non-GMO Soya. This trend is expected to continue as these products are available in local supermarkets in addition to grocery stores. 

Growing preference for clean-label products is driving demand in the Non-GMO Soya market 

Because soy is an enriched source of protein, the health benefits associated with Non-GMO Soya are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Growing consumer health concerns about conventional soy have led them to switch to non-GMO organic soy. 

Non-GMO Soya is free from transgenic organisms that cause a change in human genes and further give rise to several genetic disorders. In addition to organic and Non-GMO Soya, major non-GM soy producers also have superior quality soy for both animal feed and human consumption. 

Global Non-GMO Soya: key players 

Some of the major manufacturers that are realizing their businesses in the global Soybean Free Soy market are: 

  • Laura Soia
  • Cargill Inc.
  • Grain Millers Inc.
  • Soy protein
  • SB&B
  • World food transformation
  • Agricultural Services of Zeeland
  • Sans Inc. 
  • Primavera and specialty cereals

Strategic business approaches can create growth prospects for the Non-GMO Soya market 

The major players are focusing on the strategic establishment of distribution warehouses to enable cost-effective and timely logistics accumulations. The growing health-conscious population in developing countries along with millennials are creating opportunities for the global Non-GMO Soya market. 

Technological advances in horticulture should support increased production capacity. Global makers of Non-GMO Soya products are charting future growth trajectories based on the global penetration of vegan or plant-based diets. Major market players are increasing their global presence and commercial presence to capitalize on the prospects of the global Non-GMO Soya market. 

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