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Non-Fungible Music (@NFMusicNFT)

It’s a universally accepted reality that musicians have been conned by sketchy managers for the flashy claims of fame in exchange for their hard work. This has been an underlying issue throughout the music industry. For this reason, many musicians have turned a blind eye toward the appointment of money-worshiping record labels or managers to protect the sanctity of their name and hard work.

Stripping the musicians of their rights to use their own music is an extremely common practice and has been active in the music industry forever. This was done due to the complications of the copyright law and the unawareness of musicians regarding the rights to their original music. However, things are changing now.

Blockchain has emerged as the answer to the cries of musicians who have been stripped of their rights to their original music with the help of NFTs and Smart Contracts to make sure that the musicians get their due share in the royalties of the music.

With the constantly increasing awareness of Web 3.0 and metaverses, the “devil” NFT breaks all the shackles of man-made laws that were curated to hijack the rights of hard-working musicians. Welcome yourself to the Decentralized World of Music at NFM.

What is Non-Fungible Music (NFM)?

The existence of Non-Fungible Music (NFM) was purely driven by a crazy idea that involved the primary motive of incentivizing deserving musicians and artists within the World of Web 3.0. For this reason, we planned to tokenize the work of different artists that would make them eligible to connect with dedicated fans and further help fund their careers. There is no denying the fact that Art NFTs have been the latest hype for the past couple of years, at least.

Due to the potential for new and emerging artists to showcase their talent on a global scale and earn money off of it, NFT Arts have been crazy helpful in the crypto scene. Since the world is filled with aspiring art collectors, emerging artists are never left with a dull or non-interactive audience. While some Art NFTs might not make much sense both in the NFT and real-world, the truly hard-working artists are creating NFTs that have value in both the virtual and real worlds. All of this is followed by life-changing amounts of money. Truly a thing of beauty.

Banking on a similar concept, we decided to tokenize music based NFTs that would allow musicians to showcase their music in the form of non-fungible tokens to protect the sanctity and ownership of their work without complicated copyright and ownership laws. Hence, the foundation of Non-Fungible Music.

After having started almost more than a year ago, we have finally launched the truly decentralized music industry for the public to visit and admire the quality of work that we have compiled with the help of inspiring and emerging musicians. While many might disagree, we believe in the eradication of the word “industry” to fully cut the ties of this community to a centralized system, and we wish to consider it as a completely decentralized music community. The 1/1 Artist Tokenization & Bonding Curve Economy is only the building block of NFM. It’s the decentralized music community that holds great importance for us as a team.

There is a simple process Know Your Customer (KYC) to ensure the authenticity of the musicians signing up on our platform. Musicians who wish to showcase their NFTs under their name should totally fill this information with genuine details please, thank you. On the contrary, if you feel you want to keep your identity hidden, you can continue signing up anonymously too.

Platform Benefits for Artists and Fans


With the feature of building a profile regardless of the fact that the artist signed up as an anonymous creator or a named creator, you can build your audience here. With the option of minting (releasing) your MP3 and MP4 music files along with the evergreen collectible NFTs, Artists have the perfect platform to showcase their talents in an all-around capacity.

Do you have your portfolio on SoundCloud, Spotify, or YouTube? No worries! We have the widgets for all of them to be integrated into your profile. However, they would kill the purpose of decentralization, so we recommend mainly focusing on your decentralized pieces and utilizing these widgets only for hooking your audience.

Artists can choose to sell their minted NFTs via both direct and auction-based bids. Moreover, if you wish to follow the recent trends of giveaways, you can do that too! This is coupled with the facility of interacting with your top fans on your own dedicated forum. Doesn’t all of this radiate a very celebrity-ish vibe? That’s the plan! To bring the celebrity lifestyle at your fingertips.

You will have the option to tokenize your avatar as a 1/1 NFT that can bond with your fans/investors.

As far as the money matters are concerned, while there is no cap on the number of fans you get on board, you will only be entitled to 25% of the total supply of your NFTs and liquidate only 5% of your equity every 30 days to ensure there is no sudden loss of content from the platform upon profit generation. IT’S A MARATHON, LET’S RUN IT TOGETHER.


From the fans’ perspective, they get to interact with their desired artist every day in the dedicated forum. Moreover, since it’s a content-sharing platform, fans can also leave comments on the music video to catch the attention of their favorite artists on the platform.

By being a fac, you have the right to follow your desired artists and track their activity to keep yourself updated with the kind of music you like to listen to!

DO YOU WANT TO GRAB THAT VIP NFT MINT? Well then be ready for it ‘cause it might just be around the corner! After its acquisition, if you wish to incentivize yourself by leveraging its value, you can make profits by selling it to high-paying buyers who share the same level of craze as you do!

As per the current trends on NFM, if you bond to an artist, you will be glued to its activities and follow them for two reasons, supporting the artist and extracting profits by flipping their NFTs.

Notable NFM Exclusive Platforms

Non-Fungible Radio (NFRadio)

For people who wish to explore new and aspiring artists, the NFRadio is the easiest and most suitable place to find new and emerging talent. With the wide range of music pieces available on our radio jockey list, any customer can listen to any minted song 24/7 and even choose the best from the lot.

The greater the number of likes of a specific song, the higher its probability of rotation among the fans. A GREAT INCENTIVE FOR ASPIRING MUSICIANS!

Non-Fungible Charts (NFCharts)

It’s impossible to believe that being in 2021, we are unaware of the concept of charts in the music industry. Following a similar pattern, NFM brings you a dedicated NFCharts section that contains the top 50 hottest music pieces in each category of music. You can even check out the top 10 hottest picks of the audience for the day and enjoy your day all day long. Perfect opportunity for new artists to shine.


Can you see the similarity with a previously famous media channel, no? I pity your brains. MTV has been the center of our lives if you’re a millennial and have been a fan of pure music. I don’t know about you, but I once wished I got the chance to showcase my untalented music skills on MTV. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen.

However, NFM brings you something of the sort! NFMTV is a dedicated channel that plays music videos dedicatedly and YOU can be a part of them! Isn’t that the dream? If it is, then get on board with us to utilize these perks.

The concept of non–fungible holds great depth and detail within itself. Due to this reason, more and more people from varying industries including art, gaming, and even music are flocking to platforms that offer non-fungible tokens. It has developed a mindset amongst new creators that refuses to be changed and that is adamant to achieve success soon.

With an active audience for literally all types of art, the success of NFM is pretty much guaranteed in the next 2 – to 3 quarters. All we require is your support to accompany us on our ride to the top. ARE YOU WILLING?




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