Non Fungible Fest 2022 Brings Together Global NFT Communities In Decentraland This September.

Non Fungible Fest 2022 is a Web3 festival taking place in the metaverse on September 24th, 2022 and bringing together NFT experts, enthusiasts and blockchain communities from around the world.

It is the official lead up event to Non Fungible Fest 2023, a real life festival taking place in Bali, Indonesia on March 24-25, 2023. This Web3 festival will push the boundaries of typical conferences by bringing together a diverse mix of NFT communities along with builders in the space looking to grow together.

This September 24th, attendees are invited to a unique Metaverse experience in popular platform Decentraland as they will be able to watch presenters on the big screen while exploring the custom built environment. 

Artists, creators, developers, founders and builders are invited to enjoy a day filled with exciting conversations, keynotes, and community building activities.

The festival is packed with an ample amount of networking and connection with the top minds in the space along with our virtual gallery where attendees will be able to view upcoming NFT projects.

Speakers include Jeffrey Castillo, founder of House of Clay Podcast, and Shavhekha Santhira, founder of one of the largest NFT communities in Malaysia. Founder Olumide who is a sought after NFT advisor and known for being super connected in the industry will also be speaking. 

The event has partnered with notable metaverse event companies Arrival & Metaviu. Arrival is a metaverse event company that creates experiences for projects and companies to make a splash in the virtual world. Metaviu is an advertising marketplace for the metaverse. They provide landowners with billboard NFTs and an extensive network of brands who are looking to advertise in the metaverse.

Guests attending must meet technical requirements to attend the online event such as having at least 30 Mbps internet speed and a computer with an updated Chrome web browser.

Organizers have also shared information regarding their Non Fungible Fest 2023 taking place in Bali indicating that it will be a “unique experience filled with art, augmented reality, and cultural exchange”

The festival will be hosted in Conrad Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali. The venue was chosen because it allows guests to enjoy a mix of both serious panels and workshops while enjoying the breathtaking nature and wellness that Bali offers. Whether participants are looking to download knowledge all weekend, or kick back and relax in a fun atmosphere, the program offers something for everyone. 

The program is split into several themes which include Keynotes & Panels where leading speakers and presenters in Web3 will be on the big stage sharing the latest insights about NFT’s.

Workshops & Seminars will allow attendees to be brought up to speed on the latest trends and opportunities in the industry as well as challenge with learning new skills. There will also be breakout sessions which are less structured and where practical knowledge can be exchanged among participants who have varied interests. 

Finally, since the festival is held on the spiritual island of Bali there will be many opportunities for Wellness and Mindfulness sessions where participants can meditate and learn about breathwork to relieve stress and optimize work.

Non Fungible Fest is a movement geared at connecting Web3 founders, their communities and the startup ecosystem of builders who are leading the charge to solve tomorrow’s problems. The community focus revolves around Art, Music, Gaming, Investing, Community, Security, Diversity and emerging industries in blockchain.

To learn more, get your free ticket here and follow their Twitter.

Interested sponsors may email for limited partnership opportunities. 

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