Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Exchange For Limitless Swaps: Interview with Maria Carola, CEO of StealthEX.

Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Exchange - StealthEX.

StealthEX is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange for limitless swaps. The privacy and security of the users are most important to the CEO Maria Carola. Who in this interview with TechBullion, will be telling us more about StealthEX and what makes it the best place to buy cryptocurrency.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Maria Carola, and I’m the Chief Executive Officer of StealthEX. I’ve been working full-time in crypto for about 7 years now, doing marketing and management for various projects. Fun fact – all of these projects are non-custodial, and I fully support the whole idea of self-custody and full fund ownership myself. 

What is StealthEX Exchange and what inspired the business?

StealthEX is an instant non-custodial exchange with over 700 assets listed. Our service has been around for quite a while, since 2018, always expanding and adding new features. Right now, you can swap and buy a wide selection of cryptocurrencies – our liquidity providers are Binance, Kucoin, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Huobi and more. Basically, our users can utilize all these platforms without having to trust their funds to them or have to go through smart contracts. 

The business was inspired by not wanting to trust our funds to centralized exchanges – the basic notion of crypto is that it should be decentralized, and we stand by it. Also, many people out there can’t use centralized exchanges due to the regions they reside in – we’re here to solve this problem, too.

Could you give us a walkthrough of the unique features and services you provide at StealthEX?

Of course! Always happy to do so. 

First of all, StealthEX has the widest range of cryptocurrencies listed if compared to other instant exchange services. Currently, we have over 700 assets on the platform and are always expanding this range. 

All the swaps made with StealthEX are registration-free (you don’t even have to leave us your email), non-custodial and limitless. As for the limits, we keep the lower limit very low so anyone can try the platform with smaller sums, and the upper limit is pretty much nonexistent. 

Besides, users can onboard into cryptocurrency with us and buy crypto with fiat. All you need to do is to choose and create a crypto wallet for yourself.

Also, we’re very proud of our affiliate suite – StealthEX is a great tool for other businesses and crypto-related products. First of all, we offer an exchange API that allows building a full swap flow into any other application and setting a percentage you would like to receive as our partner. We also have affiliate links that anyone can use to recommend StealthEX to their friends or audience, and a customizable widget that can be smoothly integrated into any website. We’re always happy to have new collaborations and partnerships, so if you have some services in mind that could use an instant swap service on board – shoot us a message at!

How big is the demand for non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges and what is the current market size of crypto exchanges in general?

Crypto exchanges have always been a thing – as long as there’s demand for swapping one asset for another, the market is going to be there. With non-custodial exchanges, the situation is different and more interesting, in my opinion. In the past year or so, we have seen so many cases of centralized exchanges going down, being hacked, smart contracts being broken into and so on, that now is a perfect time to turn to services that do not store your assets. This turn is happening as we speak, actually – many users want to move their funds from an exchange and are looking for alternatives. StealthEX is always here for those who want to swap their funds securely.

What are the differences between custodial and non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges? And how is StealthEX better?

I think I’ve mentioned it somewhere before but doesn’t hurt to repeat – custodial exchanges hold the funds of their users and manage the assets for them. This comes with certain convenience – for instance, transactions are cheaper as they’re often done off-chain, and you can always shoot a message to a support team to retrieve your funds or restore a wallet.

However, these points also come at a cost that users don’t actually own their funds – if an exchange goes down or gets hacked, there is a chance that the funds will be lost.

Non-custodial services do not require storing funds on the platform and don’t have built-in hot wallets. StealthEX, for example, allows users to utilize the liquidities of major providers like Binance and Kucoin, without having to go through verifications and registration. 

All the swaps are made from a personal wallet to a personal wallet, and no sign-up is needed to start exchanging. 

What are the major challenges of centralized exchanges and where do you see the future of non-custodial trading for users today?

 Centralized exchanges have their own challenges – in the majority of cases, it’s problems with security, regulations and working with certain jurisdictions, legal issues and so on. Non-custodial trading is going through a revival, and it’s great to see. Users are turning to the systems that don’t really require trust and are working with core foundations of cryptocurrency, keeping the idea of decentralizetion going. I hope that we’ll see even more people interested in non-custodial services soon.

What strategies do you have in place to guarantee user assets are protected and compliance protocols are observed on StealthEX?

That’s a great questions. The first thing that’s worth mentioning is – we don’t store the funds, they’re just going through us to be moved for an exchange directly. If our website is down, for example, this process will still be going. Custody-free services are much more protected from hacking in at this point – every user has their own wallet that’s now connected to us in any way. 

As for compliance – we have automated AML, meaning that suspicious transactions are stopped for checks making sure that all the exchanges are clean and no rules and laws are broken.

Who are the brains behind this exchange, do you have any available opportunities for career, investors and partnerships at StealthEX?

All the team is brains behind StealthEX, essentially. We have a fantastic group of people developing this platform, working on partnerships, designing, motivating the team and more. I believe the team is fully packed now, and we’re not planning any expansions at the moment. However, we’re happy to work with freelancers – if you’re making videos, writing, or designing, we’ll be happy to connect! 

As for partnerships – we have some very exciting news to share with the community soon. The best is to stay tuned to our Twitter, this way you’ll get all the news first! 

What are you currently working on at StealthEX and what are your plans for 2023 and the future?

Honestly, we have so many plans for this year. Currently, we’re working on expanding our range of liquidity providers both for fiat and crypto swaps – very soon, you’ll se hundreds of new assets and fiats available. 

In the end of 2022 we have release our mobile application that can be found on Google Play now – this year, we’re also planning to launch the iOS version. Besides, we’re working on new affiliate tools and additions to our partnership program. As you can see, there’s a lot! We’re working hard here to make StealthEX the best crypto exchange out there.

Is there still hope for the crypto market? Do you have any tips for our readers to help us make the best from today’s crypto market?

I think there’s hope for the crypto market. It’s a maximalist thought, but think about it – we consider the current condition a “crypto winter”, even despite the fact that Bitcoin is now slightly up and is worth more than 20k USD. When I started in crypto, this seemed close to impossible. 

So, I believe, it’s important to remember where we all came from. 

Also, despite the season, more people are now interested in joining the crypto space – this is another great sign that shows actual growth and adoption.

I’m not going to give investment advice to the readers, but rather highlight the important things.

  1. Choose non-custodial services and pay attention to the security of your funds
  2. Check the projects you’re considering investing in thoroughly, don’t hesitate to reach out to the teams and ask your questions
  3. If you’re new to crypto, make sure to do your research and get as much info about the space as possible. The more you know, the safer you feel!

In my opinion, these should be the base for cryptocurrency usage. If any of the readers have questions about crypto, exchanges, or anything else blockchain-related, don’t hesitate to drop by our Telegram and ask our team directly. 

Also, we’ll be happy to have all of you on StealthEX, swapping crypto with no limits, no borders, no registration or sign-ups!

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