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Non-Alcoholic Beer Market Expands with Rising Awareness on Health Benefits of Product, Notes Study by TMR

Non-Alcoholic Beer Market

The demand for non-alcoholic beer is being increased across the globe owing to the different health benefits it offers. For instance, the product is gaining impetus among pregnant women, sports professionals, and individuals dealing with health disorders such as cardiovascular issues. Hence, a rise in the demand for products is estimated to generate lucrative opportunities in the global non-alcoholic beer market in the forthcoming years. Moreover, the market for non-alcoholic beer is prognosticated to be driven by improving the spending power of people from developed and developing nations globally.

A study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) provides an in-depth analysis of major factors impacting the growth trajectory of the global non-alcoholic beer market. Hence, readers gain access to a thorough study of the growth opportunities, investment avenues, R&Ds, growth drivers, and challenges in the non-alcoholic beer market. This aside, the report also sheds light on different key statistics including the sales, production, revenues, and share in the global non-alcoholic beer market.

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Rise in Demand for Beverages with Natural Floors Fuels Sales Growth in GlobalNon-alcoholic Beer Market

In recent years, there has been a surge in investments in the production of non-alcoholic beer in many developed and developing nations across the globe. This factor is expected to drive the expansion of the non-alcoholic beer market. Besides, an increase in inclination among people toward consuming products with natural flavors has resulted in rise in the demand for the dealcoholization process, which is known to be the most convenient technology that helps in reducing the alcohol content in a beverage. The rise in the utilization of this process is prognosticated to result in a promising future for the global non-alcoholic beer market.

With the surge in awareness among people on different adverse effects of alcohol consumption, this population pool is inclining toward consuming non-alcoholic beer. This factor is driving the sales growth in the global non-alcoholic beer market. Besides, the product is gaining traction among health-conscious people owing to its different advantages such as lesser calorie content in comparison with other carbonated drinks, notes a TMR study on the non-alcoholic beer market. As a result, rising consumer preference to non-alcoholic beer as an alternative to carbonated drinks is leading to revenue-generating opportunities in the global non-alcoholic beer market.

Companies operating in the non-alcoholic beer market are concentrating on using different strategies to maintain their prominent market positions. For instance, several manufacturers are investing a considerable amount of money in R&Ds in order to develop and launch products in different flavors. Such efforts are helping companies in expanding their product portfolios as well as attracting a new customer base. This factor, in turn, is propelling the global non-alcoholic beer market.

Some of the leading players operating in the global non-alcoholic beer market include Red Bull GmbH, PepsiCo Inc., Parle Agro, Reed Inc., Nestle S.A., and Coca-Cola Company.

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Manufacturers Gain Profitable Prospects in North America-alcoholic Beer Market

The non-alcoholic beer market in North America is projected to observe prominent business opportunities in the upcoming years. The growth of the North America non-alcoholic beer market is ascribed to many factors including a rising inclination among people from the U.S. toward adopting non-alcoholic beverages instead of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, a surge in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the nation is prognosticated to favor the growth of the North America non-alcoholic beer market in the years ahead. This aside, the non-alcoholic beer market in the region is being driven by the presence of stringent regulations executed by regional governments pertaining to alcohol consumption and the increasing working population in the region.

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