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Noam Judah Discusses Core Web Vitals for SEO

The digital age has introduced many new factors that business owners need to take into account when it comes to their online image. This is why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so crucial, as one’s SEO dictates where their name and website will end up when somebody searches them on the internet. A high SEO ranking leads to higher credibility and reliability. Yet despite its importance, it has been reported that only 30% of small businesses invest in SEO. 

Businesses nowadays want to end up on the first page of whichever search engine somebody is using to look them up, and the only way to do this is by optimizing the Core Web Vitals that will lend itself to the best SEO results possible. With that being said, “Core Web Vitals” might just be confusing technical jargon that aspiring entrepreneurs might struggle to grasp!

Luckily, Noam Judah, an SEO veteran, and strategy director for some of the most notable companies has gone in-depth to discuss these Core Web Vitals. He showcases how they can be used for the benefit of small and large businesses who want to take one small step forward in the digital realm for one giant leap in their entire journey to profitable growth. 

What is SEO and Why Is It Important?

SEO is the ability to improve the overall quantity and quality of one’s website traffic. This is really significant in this day and age because businesses that have a strong online presence want to have many visitors on their website or online store. 

Businesses need to establish strong levels of trust with their customers and having good SEO optimisation means that users will trust a business that has a top position on a reliable search engine such as Google. 

When entrepreneurs are starting their business, they are targeting a specific niche, and by investing in key SEO strategies, businesses can build useful links that relate to their customer base and what their customers are interested in. SEO builds a web of relevance that all leads back to the core business, which can drive profits and overall growth. 

The Importance of Relevant Content 

Judah emphasizes how important relevance is in the field of obtaining the best Core Web Vitals. The content elements of a client’s website need to have relevance through correct and suitable headings and sub-pages so that the search engine can properly index the said website. 

Insight into SEO and Core Web Vitals 

Judah is well known for running an SEO company dedicated to the craft of helping businesses optimise and improve their online appearance. With the experience of reviewing over 4000 websites and driving more traffic to please clients, Judah has helped many businesses with their online image and the formation of their own unique websites and business growth. 

Core Web Vitals 

Core Web Vitals are important as they measure a user’s experience on a website. Factors that play into this are page loading speed, responsiveness, and overall visual stability. All of these plays a large part in driving up a business’s SEO status. 

A good user experience on a website will drive further user engagement, meaning that there will be more web traffic, therefore a better SEO rating. It’s a cycle that is constantly looping and entrepreneurs want to stay on top of that wheel by referring to their Core Web Vitals.

Loading Times 

Known as the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) by Google, this refers to how long a page takes to load from a user’s perspective. Everything is instantaneous today, and slight delays that might be a few seconds or minutes can feel much longer from the perspective of the user. A fast LCP is key, and anything over 3 seconds might already be considered to be slow. 

To improve this, Judah proposes that businesses upgrade to a better web host for faster load times. Alternatively, businesses can take out large unnecessary elements from their websites to bring down the overall LCP score. Third-party scripts (which are extra resources added to a webpage) also slow down LCO, so removing those could be beneficial. 

User Interaction on the Website

Having a smooth and seamless user interaction experience is one of the core elements when it comes to having positive Core Web Vitals. If users struggle to find something on the website, or the interface is clunky and difficult to navigate, that will not bode well for the business or their future SEO analytics.

Small ways to sift through problems holding users back whilst operating on a website are minimizing the use of Javascript on a webpage and using a browser cache that can help load all the content faster. 

Keeping the Layout Tight 

User interaction can also be ruined by having elements on a webpage constantly shift and move around while somebody is busy reading or trying to purchase something on a website. Other than being frustrating, it also looks unprofessional. 

Judah and his company point out that having reserved spaces for ad placements and setting specific size attributes for media like videos, images, and infographics will reduce the chances of the layout constantly shifting randomly as it pleases. 

This all plays into creating the best possible user experience, resulting in high Content Web Vital scores that will contribute to bringing the best possible SEO results. 

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