No More Spreadsheets — An Interview with Crypto Accounting Tool Blox

Crypto Accounting

It isn’t easy to manage your crypto finances. Tracking multiple currencies across dozens of wallets for hundreds of unknown transactions, all add to the complexity of accurate and efficient crypto asest management.

After experiencing these problems firsthand, one company has emerged to solve them. Today we sit down with Alon Muroch, CEO and co-founder of crypto accounting tool Blox to learn more about their story and how their solution works.

What’s the story behind Blox?

Alon: I founded Blox in 2017 alongside by childhood friend, Adam. We realized there was no simple way to track and account for all their crypto investments. It was soon after that when Blox came to life and took its first steps in the industry. Today, Blox is changing the way people track, manage, and account for their crypto assets like never before.

What problem do you solve for the crypto community?

Alon: Most companies in the space who interact with crypto assets every day usually do so across different exchanges, hold multiple wallets and sometimes store their crypto with a custodian. All of these factors make it difficult to keep track of a company’s financials and crypto expenses. When you also consider looming fears of regulation, long-term bearish crypto markets, and the imminent tax season, it’s clear that modern CFOs need to be prepared.

How does your solution work exactly?

Alon: Blox automatically aggregates data from the top exchanges, blockchains, and custodian solutions in the space. When those crypto assets are synced, Blox introduces access to a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting tools to help any CFO seamlessly organize the company’s financials.

Do you have customers currently using your solution?

Alon: Leading social trading platform and asset brokerage company, eToro, has been one of our top customers from day one. We also serve companies such as Bluezelle, Decent,, and dozens of customers who leverage our technology internally across a variety of relevant departments. Every day we are adding new customers of all different shapes and sizes, and we look forward to bringing them the most value possible to their business.

How does Blox compare to competitors, like excel and spreadsheets?

Alon: There are very few competitors in the space that give Blox a run for its money. But, our biggest competitor is actually the old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet that many companies still use by default. A spreadsheet is a helpful tool, but we’ve seen how much time, money, and work Blox can save CFOs and accounting teams. In the near future, manual crypto accounting will become obsolete.   

Where can our readers find out more about Blox?

To find out more about our solution, you can visit us

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