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NO FACE’s Proprietary Compound Reversinol Is Providing Better Results Than Traditional Retinol

To help people who were not able to take advantage of Retinol because of the skin irritation, NO FACE has created a new compound called Reversinol, which helps with skin rejuvenation without causing skin irritation.

Retinol has traditionally been used to revitalize the skin for centuries. However, certain individuals should avoid using this component since it might irritate the skin and produce severe redness and irritation that can continue for many days.

NO FACE, an impact-driven skincare business, conducted research to develop a new compound containing newer forms of vitamin A derivatives that reduces irritation and increases the rate of conversion to retinoic acids. Consumers no longer require stronger forms of Retinol to obtain skin renewal benefits, as the newer compounds called Reversinol in ACTIVITA and NO FACE Dermatology Science Formula products contain active vitamin A derivatives similar to Retinol but with a much higher conversion rate to Retinoic acid, the final product required by the skin to undergo the renewal transformation. The skin can use Retinoic acids to accelerate cellular regeneration, resulting in a smoother, less blemished appearance. According to laboratory studies, ACTIVITA A contains 1 percent Reversinol, which converts to retinoic acid 18.1 times faster than 1 percent Retinol in the skin environment. Voluntary trial participants reported a satisfaction rate of over 89 percent, compared to 56 percent with standard Retinol. According to trial participants, fine lines and wrinkles are decreased by over 22%, while pigmentation is reduced by 36%.

When laboratory and consumer trial findings are combined, Reversinol is a proven vitamin A molecule that offers promising outcomes to those seeking retinol alternatives.

NO FACE is a forward-thinking, impact-driven skincare brand that is created for all face types and demands. NO FACE was founded in Australia, and all products are extensively studied and tested in laboratories to address global aesthetic concerns. Dermatologists, estheticians, artists, athletes, and skincare enthusiasts worldwide trust NO FACE products. NO FACE challenges conventional wisdom and advances skincare solutions for all people and generations.

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