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Nitecore HA11 Compact and Lightweight Dual Beam AA Headlamp

Another addition to the Nitecore ever expanding Headlamp range. This time the HA11 offers some very useful features. It has been designed from the ground up to be as lightweight as possible, at a mere 36g (1.27oz) minus battery, it’s a headlamp that will never burden you with its size or weight. It is just 61.5mm x 36.2mm x 28.9mm (2.42” x 1.43” x 1.14”)

The HA11 also takes the very common and easy to find AA battery type (1.5V), yet is able to achieve an impressive 240 lumens, and a range of 90 metres from a single cell at the highest output. SOS and Beacon modes are also available (at the same 240 lumens power level)

In addition to the main white LED, the red LED can be used for up close activities or to preserve night vision, as well as the normal output, this has a slow flashing mode which can be used to signal.   

It is also built using high strength polycarbonate to ensure a long service life, and is rated to IP66 weather resistance.

3 power levels with a range of up to 90 metres, with a secondary Red LED

The HA11 has 3 main power levels a high mode of 240 lumens (range 90 metres), a low of 60 lumens (45 metres), and an ultra low of 6 lumens (10m range). A highly efficient constant current circuit ensures a continuous light output with no PWM or flickering.

With the single AA cell, run times are equally good. Ranging from 40 hours at the lowest level of 6 lumens, with 10 hours for low and 4 hours at the highest level.

SOS and Beacon is available on the main white LED, the Red LED outputs at 5 lumens (static or slow flashing). The Red light range can reach 10 metres range, making it very usable for preserving night vision.

Dual button operation, with a multi purpose clip included in the bundle

Nitecore have integrated a dual button interface, this makes it simple to operate the HA11, a main Power button is longer and textured (easier to feel by touch), this controls the On/Off, and the brightness levels. It includes a shortcut to ultralow (double press when off). The Mode button on the left is smaller, and is used to switch the light source (main white LED and Red LED), and SOS mode. 

If you are travelling with the headlamp, you can lock it out by pressing and holding both buttons at the same time (for about 2 seconds), the same procedure unlocks it.

The included headband is also very lightweight, its a braided type which is reflective and glow in the dark for added safety at night. 

A cleverly designed multi purpose clip, this allows you 360 degree rotation and can be clipped to a bag/backpack/strap, or hat and provide another way to use the HA11.

Weather resistance is IP66 resisting dust and water ingression, and it has been tested up to 1 metre drop distance. Quality PC plastics resist impact damage and temperature extremes. Ideal for running, camping, hikes or night endurance races. The HA11 is both affordable and light enough to carry around with you in any situation.

Nitecore HA11 Key Features

AA powered headlamp with 3 main output levels,  up to 240 lumens (90 metres range)

White LED has both SOS and Beacon modes

Run time up to 40 hours (ultralow level)

Red LED has static and flashing modes

Ultra lightweight/compact design, 36g (1.27oz) and 61.5mm x 36.2mm x 28.9mm (2.42” x 1.43” x 1.14”)

Constant current output, no flickering

IP66 Weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre

Takes widely available single AA battery (1.5V Alkaline/NiMH etc)

Lightweight glow in the dark/reflective headband, with a supplied 360 degree clip for attaching to bags/straps/hats and other items.


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