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Nishant Thakur Says “I am completely into Singing & Songwriting now”

Nishant Thakur, A budding singer, writer & performer belonging to himachal pradesh says he is completely focussing on singing and songwriting now. Nishant although belonging to medical field always aspired to be a drummer. He grew up listening to rock bands, a hardcore Linkin park fan. He started his journey in music while he was pursuing D pharma from Chandigarh in 2016. Thus breaking all norms of the society he initiated to follow his passion. He started by performing at local clubs/Cafes in 2017. He released his first original on 23/06/22.

The artist – who recently launched his Song “Udne de”- shares, “Being a Parttime Musician/Performer and having to always be on the road limited me in some way. I felt like I was not challenging myself enough as a musician. Singing and songwriting opened up a different world for me and I am glad it did.”

The musician, who has been working on his album for the past year, says he’s “excited, nervous and scared” about its release. “I don’t know how to put all these feelings into words, but it was just amazing to release the New music,” he says.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for a lot of artists, Nishant says he too went through a low phase. He explains, “The pandemic took a toll on my mental health. It was extremely difficult to wake up to such horrific news every day or to focus on my work. However, on the good days, it helped me introspect and most importantly, learn so much.”

Talking about Upcoming Projects, he says, “Each Upcoming track has been inspired by some or the other event that I’ve personally experienced or observed. It’s an amalgamation of all events and emotions that every person experiences at some point in life.”

Nishant Thakur’s journey in music has not been without its challenges, especially during the pandemic. He shares that the pandemic took a toll on his mental health, as it did for many artists. The constant stream of distressing news made it difficult for him to focus on his work and maintain a positive mindset. However, amidst the difficulties, he found moments of introspection and personal growth. The pandemic became an opportunity for him to learn and reflect on his experiences.

Looking ahead, Nishant is enthusiastic about his upcoming projects. He mentions that each track has been inspired by personal experiences or observations, making them relatable to the emotions and events that people encounter in their lives. This connection to real-life situations adds depth and authenticity to his music, allowing listeners to connect with his songs on a deeper level.

Nishant’s dedication to his craft is evident in his decision to fully immerse himself in singing and songwriting. He acknowledges that being a part-time musician and performer limited his growth, and he sought to challenge himself further as a musician. By exploring the realms of singing and songwriting, Nishant has opened up a new world of creative possibilities for himself.

It’s commendable to see Nishant Thakur’s determination to follow his passion and pursue his dreams, despite societal expectations and the challenges he has faced. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and musicians who may be hesitant to break away from traditional paths. Nishant’s commitment to his artistry and his willingness to explore new avenues in music demonstrate the power of following one’s true passion.

As Nishant continues to evolve as a singer, writer, and performer, it will be exciting to see how his music resonates with audiences and influences the music industry. With his unique blend of personal experiences, emotions, and observations, Nishant Thakur is poised to make his mark in the world of music and captivate listeners with his heartfelt and relatable compositions.

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