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Ninja Warrior Course and OCR Cages

The Ninja Course and OCR are the favorite sports of practitioners of courses and obstacle courses. They allow them to overcome different obstacles, which are presented in the form of challenges and physical challenges. These fun local sports are, in fact, based on endurance; the physical exercise in its totality is useful to achieve the missions which will be entrusted to them to advance in the courses. Are you a thrill seeker? For adults and toddlers (under supervision) you can climb and have fun surpassing yourself.

Structure Ninja Toroz

If you are an amateur or a competitor, we have everything you need to try to break the record for the best time. As an exclusive distributor of the Toroz brand, we offer parcours ninja and parcours ocr with a variety of very significant obstacles.

For height training, climbing one of our new tall structures helps practitioners overcome their fear and work on their self-confidence. In addition, we offer the opportunity to teach children the basics of climbing as well as the development of their coordination and motor skills, while having fun. You will find climbing course modules with Olympic rings and parallel bars, ideally to improve the level in height. Possibility of crossing the famous classic Ninja Warrior wall from 5 years old (3.50 meters), but under the supervision of a parent.

Multipurpose Obstacle Course

Our new generation multi-purpose obstacle courses improve the physical qualities of members while having fun. What could be better than equipping your sports space or your open urban space with professional Ninja Courses and OCR to succeed in your course like a true Ninja warrior.

This structure is equipped with 8 levels of climbing lines. To guarantee a better grip, the ends of the lines are finished with slings. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner, this equipment fits almost anywhere (park, garden, beach, etc.).

This obstacle course will find its place both indoors and outdoors. It aims to train and prepare athletes for competitions. To do this, you must perform pull-ups with the rings to climb to the top.

The Ninja exercise is mainly practiced to strengthen the muscles of the arms, abdominals, back and also the legs. This discipline is fun and attractive. It will also allow you to improve your mind to always go further.

Ninja course and OCR course

It is good to note that all our Ninja Courses and OCR have been built to quality and safety standards. Our professional equipment accompanies high-level athletes to increase their challenge in many obstacle races, such as the 24H Xtreme, the Spartan Race or the Medieval Run and of course the Ninja Warrior show. Practicing OCR races is not only limited to transporting objects, crossing forests, rivers… This obstacle course sport also involves climbing ropes, climbing crossing walls, practicing motor skills and many more.

To prepare you well, we offer different structures with which you can follow OCR training with your coach. A sports playground to get your adrenaline pumping.

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