Nimbus Platform Review: Why It’s Worth Your Trust

The world of Crypto and blockchain-based technologies is one that is growing immensely with each passing year. New concepts like Decentralized Finance and decentralized applications are catching people’s attention even as further innovations promise even more fascinating developments. This industry has grown from a few curious users to millions of supporters across the globe and dozens of different currencies being offered. 

However, some people still are reluctant to explore this growing field. Though supporters of such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the once joke Dogecoin are growing daily, there are still some who haven’t embraced this new technological innovation. Blockchain-based companies are making new efforts to ensure that the experience is intuitive and that any misconceptions are dealt with efficiently and personably. 

Nimbus Platform is one such company, a cross-chain platform based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Nimbus is a platform that can be utilized for DeFi solutions as well as an exploration into the blockchain field. Built with the idea of complete control over one’s assets and how they are used, the platform is unlike any other.  Users can attach their wallets and use their assets as they so choose. Whether it be staking, Liquidity Providing, Lending&Borrowing and other opportunities. Unlike traditional institutions or other platforms, Nimbus operates on transparency and flexibility. 

Trust is not something that is freely given, particularly when a digital era like ours provides many avenues for mistakes to happen and be exposed. “There’s a certain level of insecurity and a certain level of not having an established trusted relationship” summed up by Nimbus CEO Alex Lemberg. Those at Nimbus understand this and they work to earn the trust of its user base by providing a secure environment for them to use and being in constant contact with them should any issues arise. 

Nimbus is a relatively new company, and it is one that has taken up the challenge during the initial phases of DeFi adoption. By many metrics, it is growing rapidly but still presents an unknown to potential users. It does not have a long history or decades of international recognition like some major banking institutions can claim. So why should you, or anyone else, trust them?

Nimbus does not operate under the assumption that it is unassailable. Through regular audits, bug bounties for white hackers, and constant monitoring of existing frameworks from staff and community members, it keeps its system updated and protected. Nimbus takes its time to ensure that every transaction is transparent, but it gives even more effort to ensure that everyone’s resources are safe. 

Attaching a wallet to a Crypto and DeFi based company can be a big step for many people, but with Nimbus Platform your assets are secured. To provide safety in its ecosystem Nimbus has adopted the use of Smart Contracts. With a release of assets from one individual to the other only when a certain series of conditions have been met; it protects both parties from third party tampering or draining of assets. 

Traditional institutions claim to be amongst the most secure in the world, however, we have seen time and time again how misuse or human error can lead to disasters in banks and major industries. DeFi offers security that one could not find in the traditional industries because it lacks a major concentration of assets, protecting them equally through disbursement. 

Nimbus Platform is a company that focuses on innovation and earning its user’s trust. It will continue to innovate and adopt the newest technologies that DeFi has to offer, but it does so not just to benefit itself but to benefit all of the users who call the Nimbus Platform home.

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