Nikunj Agarwal, An Emerging Entrepreneur Proves How Positivity And Hard Work Helps To Be On Top

Today, we all spend almost 80% of our free time on the Internet. The viewership does have a higher ratio of youth too! For most kids, the internet is a source of entertainment. But we have someone who becomes an entrepreneur, just by spending quality time over the internet. At the age of 17, Nikunj Agarwal is the youngest entrepreneur from Udaipur.

Meet Nikunj Agarwal, who is exploring the internet since his school days. A small-town boy is the youngest digital marketer and founder of “Digitary Media”. This Young founder has a digital firm that is providing PR and digital services to global clients. A venture that begins from a home computer is now expanding its wings!

Culturally we feel that parents’ must provide a child with proper college after schooling. However, the trendsetter, Nikunj Agarwal has done all the courses and certifications while sitting at home. He knows how to utilize time and IoT to the best of his advantage. We can call him a self-made person. He knows how to turn obstacles into opportunities. During the lockdown, he did his certifications from Google, Semrush, Hubspot, Etc.

The time when youth is mighty confused about fashion, dating and which course to pursue next. Nikunj has a registered firm Digitary LLP. He begins earning at the early age of 16 as a freelancer. Gains experience at various forte and clients. This exposure makes him understand the market, clients and their requirements well. Such interactions help him in taking steady steps towards conquering the world.

Clients say, “The freshness and innovative ideas that he presents are praise-worthy. We felt sceptical when he introduced himself but the moment he shares his knowledge and concept. You can vouch for his competency”.

The firm is offering Social media management, PR, reputation management, website designing, Influencer Marketing and many such things to their clients.

He has been able to deliver some really good results to the clients during the campaigns that he has executed successfully. Upon asking, how does he manage all these studies, friends, and work? He says it’s simple, as my work is fun for me. My friends are with me, so I don’t have to leave anything for work. Further, today WFH provides you with ample time.

Someone has rightly said that inspiration can be found anywhere. One such inspiration the world can see is Nikunj Agarwal. With high ambitions in his innocent eyes at an early age! He is much admired today as a youth of 17 years with his business acumen. Talking about what next, he said that we are trying to deliver the best of our services to our clients. The recommendations have been adding to our work every few months, so we are happy with our growth.

Before, concluding this inspiring story, we wish to convey to the world that if you really wish everything is possible. You have all the required resources with you. Just it is vital that you understand how to utilize it for your success. India is indeed proud to have another #youngfounder, Nikunj Agarwal. He is proving that “age is just a number” with his sheer determination, meaningful actions, and ability.

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