Night Vision System (NVS) Market is estimated at US$ 1.2 Bn by 2032

Europe Automotive Night Vision System Market

By 2032, the global night vision system market is predicted to reach a value of US$ 1.2 billion, with sales increasing at a 13.9 percent CAGR. The demand for greater night visibility range and quality is growing as luxury automobile sales increase and public awareness of road safety grows. Over the projection term, this is expected to boost market sales.

NIR (near-infrared range) technology has advanced dramatically in recent years. NIR technology produces photons in low-light or no-light settings, which aid in the identification of objects at a distance.

It is crucial for eye-tracking and gesture control in night vision systems. The technology utilizes less power and can deliver a sharp image in the dark within a detection range of fewer than 600 feet. As a result, the worldwide automotive night vision market is expected to develop in the next years.

Automobiles are becoming smarter and more automatic as more sensors are placed on them. A few of the new sensor-based technologies in the automotive night vision market are road sign identification, collision avoidance systems, driver face detection, obstacle detection, and automatic response. Demand is expected to increase significantly throughout the projection period as a result of the incorporation of new-age technologies and better sensors.

Competitive Landscape

Continental AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Mobileye, Veoneer Inc., Valeo SA, Magna International, and others.

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