NftyPlay Forms a Strategic Partnership with Xplorers

NftyPlay is excited to announce its official partnership with Xplorers, a set of 8,500 unique NFTs of astronauts exploring around the Ethereum blockchain.

Xplorers came into existence to build a community of like-minded individuals exploring and discovering different avenues of blockchain. It is a collection of generative art avatars for people who associate themselves across all industries and sectors irrespective of their nationality, race, gender, and age.

The Xplorers is a collection of 8,500 rare Avatars ready to explore the metaverse. These Avatars have been programmatically generated from over 260 attributes across 12 categories. Each Xplorer NFT is unique in its own way with power and appeals to users in a way they connect with. It is a team of seven artists spread across the globe – Wave, Jams, Cryptonaut, Chelsea, Faris, Rockodice, and Hyperlink.

Partnership Vision:

Through the partnership, both NftyPlay and the Xplorers community will be able to reap multiple benefits. Once the platform is live, NftyPlay will add Xplorers on its dashboard and highlight it under the NFT collection section.

As a part of the collaboration, Xplorer will create a profile on NftyPlay for their collection and share updates. NftyPlay will verify every detail now the collection is live. Both parties will conduct AMAs in their respective communities to enlighten each and every member of their collaboration and its benefits.

Commenting on this partnership, the CEO of NftyPlay, Sugnesh Patel, said “We are delighted to have the Xplorers on board to further our plans of establishing the top NFT Marketplace. Xplorers has gained remarkable traction since its founding and we are excited to work with this innovative team, always on its toes to take NFTs forward.”

About Xplorers

Xplorers are a set of 8,500 rare NFTs of astronauts on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Xplorer is unique and programmatically generated from over 260 possible attributes and 12 traits. Some attributes are rare, some are very rare and some are even exceptional! But rarity alone does not tell the whole story, each Xplorer is unique in their own way and sometimes simplicity may also prove to be scarce!


About NftyPlay

NftyPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, NftyPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. NftyPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games. Buy and collect the content you like or mint it as an NFT and sell on NftyPlay.


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