NFTYInvestors Starts NFTY Token Presale


Join the future of investing with NFTYInvestors! It is a great ecosystem created by a team of crypto experts who share a single vision of investing. NFTYInvestors – is your entry into the world of profitable investment opportunities where you can engage in portfolio investment, debt financing, and seed investing. The project is based on advanced blockchain technology and backed by reputable companies such as SolidProof and Coinsult for contract auditing, team auditing, and KYC auditing.

It is more than just an investment project; it is a rapidly growing, robust ecosystem designed to ensure the financial success of its members. Thanks to a team of experts and a commitment to shared values, NFTYInvestors is ready to change the world of investing and provide available and high-reward investing opportunities for everyone. Hurry up and join the NFTYInvestors revolution to enjoy the future of investing!

So what is NFTYInvestors?

Prepare for your financial future with NFTYInvestors! The old ways of investing, when only the rich had access to high-yield investment funds, have gone. NFTYInvestors is changing the world by proposing a genuinely transformative investment opportunity free to everyone, regardless of their investment level.

You will become a part of a safe, highly profitable investment fund with a reliable financial license. A team of expert investors in various investment disciplines works tirelessly to find the best investment opportunities to bring you the highest profit.

What is the difference between NFTYInvestors and other investment funds? Fund members are ahead. They can determine the risk profile as low, medium, or high. Besides, NFTYInvestors pays its members daily or weekly!

The team of experts is constantly looking for investments with the highest potential across the financial spectrum – from fixed-income investments to technology startups. NFTYInvestors – is your ultimate all-in-one shop for all things investing, whether you want to grow your capital through smart investments or participate in advanced financial features.

The team took the necessary steps to secure members` investments by applying for a financial license. Hence, they will comply with international economic rules, avoiding troubles like those of FTX in 2022.

Become a part of the revolution with NFTYInvestors and confidently manage your financial future, knowing that your investments are protected by international laws and a team committed to maximizing your gains. Stand ready to unlock your economic power with NFTYInvestors!


NFTYInvestors roadmap 

The team has completed the first two stages and is now preparing for the most exciting stage – the NFTY Coin pre-sale on! Expect a ride full of possibilities as NFTYInvestors enters the third phase of its roadmap. This phase is very intense:

  • Launch of a smart contract on the mainnet
  • Pre-sale on a decentralized exchange 
  • Creating a smart contract for the profit distribution algorithm
  • Search for business and potential sponsors and celebrity partners
  • Creating a global press release about NFTYInvestors
  • Launching a PR campaign for the placement of NFTs and NFTY Coin

The following stages of the roadmap are:

  • Coin launch on Pancakeswap
  • Run the first set of NFTY NFTs
  • Set up social channels to boost the sales of NFTY NFTs
  • Start working on the investment platform
  • Multiple stock exchange listings
  • Launch further PR campaigns for the launch of NFTY NFTs
  • Subsequent PR campaigns for NFTY Coin
  • Start paid ads on the platform for investors

NFTYInvestors is also organizing a grand $3,000 Airdrop! Hurry up! One hundred twenty-five lucky winners will receive $20 in NFTYI tokens each. The Airdrop ends on February 20, 2023, so hurry up to pick up your tokens on March 1, 2023.

NFTYInvestors founders


Meet the big players behind NFTYInvestors! Sean Camilleri is a financial industry pioneer who has brought many products to success at FCM Bank Limited, Tangiers Group, Deutsche Bank, and Bravo Group. He is a seasoned leader with a strong background in leading high-performance executive teams.

James Bason focuses on product and technical departments and is talented at building flourishing communities. He is a motivated and enthusiastic executive leader who has held the positions of COO and CTO at some of the leading cryptocurrency projects as well as at large marketing and partnership companies.

They are poised to transform the investing world and make affordable and highly profitable opportunities available to everyone.

NFTY Token Presale


The NFTYCoin pre-sale is your ticket to rise to the top and profit with NFTYInvestors!  

The project has crossed its first significant landmark, topping 5 million $NFTYI tokens sold since launch and garnering over 35,000 telegram followers. Hence, don’t pass up your chance! Take advantage of the easy purchase process and attractive token prices before they increase with each stage:

  • Stage 1: $0.015
  • Stage 2: $0.016
  • Stage 3: $0.01725
  • Stage 4: $0.0185
  • Stage 5: $0.01975

Invest in the future of investments and get your NFTYCoin tokens today! Once you hold NFTY, you will be entitled to rewards, discounts on NFTY NFT purchases, member perks, and more. Read on Stop waiting – invest just right now!”

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